Teen Wolf Review: Huh?

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What the hell? Does anybody know what just happened?

On Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10 we learned that Meredith created the dead pool because when she was in the hospital, sharing a room with a burned, comatose Peter Hale, she heard his thoughts and those thoughts included creating a dead pool.

Seriously, it seemed like Teen Wolf had lost its way during the "alphas" storyline, but this is ridiculous.

After the entirety of what happened, whatever it was seems to be following the "plan" of Peter and Kate. Peter just wants to be Alpha again and kill the True Alpha, Scott McCall. I've always thought Peter was badass. If he needed to glom onto this 70s clusterfrak to do the job, he doesn't deserve to be Alpha.

All I have are questions. There were no good quotes, no AHA moments and more WTF than any series needs to plant in an hour before one of their biggest events of the year.

Someone, sometime planted a circa 1970s computer in Lydia's grandma's wall. Considering that yanking the cord released the drywall and there wasn't a door leading in, we can assume it's just been buzzing away for the past 40 years. Alrighty. Those whirly things? There's no way they never needed maintenance. 

Were they giving off all the messages to the Banshees? Is it kind of quiet now that the key has been turned? How did a circa 70s computer know, decades later, that there would be smart phones with which it could communicate and gather the troops to kill all the supernaturals?

Why did Meredith enact the dead pool? Because Peter is the alpha and has always been the alpha? Was that part of what she heard from his rants? If she got that monsters do bad things, then why didn't she get that Peter was one of them? 

Why did Meredith put her name on the dead pool when she heard Lydia scream Allison's name on the night she died? Why did she know that was the right time to start over? What am I missing? "Oh God. What have I done?" asks Meredith. Exactly. What DID she do? 

Malia kicked ass, as usual. Kira was alright. Sorry, one continues to impress me far more than the other. For some reason, Kira always seems just short of scared sh*tless. That's not what I want in a hero. I'm still not sure what Scott sees in her.

I know you're going to want to rip me a new one for not understanding all that was revealed, but I welcome you're ass whopping. If ever there was a night that needed the lame Wolf Watch, this was it. Maybe DJ Cole Plantne would have had something insightful to deliver. I wish I was kidding.

The very best moment of the episode was when Scott was beating one of the assassins and his face changed from vicious werewolf back to Scott McCall. I swear they spent 75% of their special effects budget on that one transformation. It looked fabulous.

That's all I have. What did you get from "Monstrous"?

Monstrous Review

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