Highest Paid Stars on TV: You Won't Believe Who Makes the Most ...

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All TV stars are not created equal. Not when it comes to their bank accounts, anyway.

Critical acclaim doesn't hurt one's career, but does it directly correlate to fame and fortune? Not necessarily, as some of the people on this list can tell you.

Not that any big-name television stars are hurting by any means, but it's pretty amazing just how much more some make than others, and which ones.

Flip through this slideshow of the highest paid TV stars and see just what we mean ...

As previously detailed, production on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 was delayed last summer as the studio and the cast negotiated new contracts.

In the end, Kaley Cuoco and company signed on for $1 million per episode. Wow. Just ... wow. CBS must feel it gets a very big bang for its bucks.

Did that massive raise make Kaley & Co. the highest paid actors and actresses on TV? How does their salary compare to other favorites of the small screen?

Flip through the gallery above to have that question answered and ask yourself:

Man, why didn't I go into television?!? Is it too late?!

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