The Last Ship Review: Sole Survivor

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When a transmission from a sole survivor is heard on The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 7, the USS Nathan James heads her way.

Unfortunately, the Russians are looking for the Nathan James and trouble is immediately afoot.

Discovering someone has outlasted everyone else on their vessel most likely means she's immune to the virus, so Rachel says it's imperative to find her.

Find her they do, and so do the Russians. In an attempt to allow the girl and the rest of the rescue crew to return to the Nathan James safely, Chandler and Tex create a diversion in which they wind up treading water after their boat sinks.

Chandler makes the call to leave them be and for the Nathan James to carry on as directed without them. Slattery doesn't want to believe that's the directive and continues the search.

The Russians send camera drones, boats and helicopters out looking for Chandler as they must find Rachel. Finding him will likely lead to the ship. The fellow who I thought might be patient zero was a scientist who experimented on vaccines on himself. He could be the person who put in the human gene that Rachel finds during her research. 

Regardless, he's pretty damned adamant that the Russians get him together with her. With Chandler as a bargaining chip, they just may do that sooner rather than later.

I really like Tex and don't relish the idea of him dying in the water, so I suspect the crew of the Nathan James will find him in short order so they can put the pieces together. 

I know one thing for sure, there isn't a cure coming any time soon. Even with Bertrise's immunity to all of Rachel's known strands of the virus, if they find a cure this quickly -- then what? 

I guess they could paddle around the world trying to find somewhere to make the vaccine, discover the world is desolate and embark upon a completely different  journey than finding the cure, but they have to stay on the ship. It's called The Last Ship for a reason.

Quincy's family is still being wooed by the Russian captain and Quincy wants that guy dead, which seems fair. I wonder what the man in the plastic bubble holds in his mind that will squash everything Rachel is attempting to do. He seemed a little sad when the gal he was eating with prior to Armageddon felt like she was coming down with the flu.

Could he have altered it to the point that without his blood any vaccine would be pointless? I guess we'll find out.

I loved the conversations between Chandler and Tex, and without a doubt Tex is my favorite character of the series. His chit chat about being sweet on Rachel and opposites attracting was so darn cute. With his personality and her intelligence, they'd be a great couple to repopulate the earth!

What do you think the bubble dude did to the virus? Does Rachel stand a chance of creating a vaccine without him? Seems unlikely, right? If you've missed any of the fun, you can watch The Last Ship online via TV Fanatic.

Would a vaccine be found in The Last Ship Season 1?

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