The Real Housewives of Orange County Review: Ballyhoo in Bali

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The ladies are gathered in Bali for their seasonal jaunt to some place exotic and interesting. Amidst dry heaving and constant complaining about the humidity, the heat is getting cranked up for Tamra. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 17 finds Tamra Barney in the hot seat as the ladies all confront her over dinner. 

Sounds juicy! Let's get started with our +/- review...

Tamra's still mad at Heather for bringing up the fact--to Tamra and Vicki only--that Tamra did make fun of Lizzie's dress. They'll get over it. 

There's definitely a divide among the women: Two blondes and a brunette and two brunettes and a blonde. The latter group show up for their temple tours in workout gear and the former group shows up dressed like...they're in the OC. So OF COURSE their attire becomes a source of contention for the entire group. 

Tamra and Vicki are kind of terrible when it comes to some of the temple traditions. In fact, Vicki's over the top offensive, opening doors and digging through the temple. Tamra's not any better. Minus 25.

They do some shopping and Vicki calls Danielle and Lizzie Dumb and Dumber. Again. And then they decide to let fish eat the dead ski off their feet. 

Vicki screams about monkeys on the street because that's all she knows how to do is scream. Tamra joins her when it comes time to feed the monkeys. UGH! THESE WOMEN. Minus 40.

Shannon rocks the monkey feeding. Plus 10.

Vicki and Shannon decide to hit the spa. For once, I want to be Shannon because that spa day looks amazing. Tamra and Heather, however, decide to go on a bike ride around Bali.

Lizzie and Danielle, meanwhile, plan an ambush for dinner that night, and Shannon takes the time to fill Vicki in on the drama. Then they join Danielle and Lizzie so the four of them can solidify their attack-tics. (Get it? Tactics? Attack? I slay me.)

Lizzie says she's not a troublemaker, despite the fact that she cannot stop talking about any of this. But then Vicki hits the nail on the head when she says that Tamra just can't have peace.

When things are going too well for Tamra, she starts destroying everything. 

Tamra and Heather have the better day touring the countryside while Shannon professes her love for the other three ladies and vowing to start the ball rolling at dinner that night. 

Still not convinced that Shannon's not crazy.

It's dinner time and the night is starting with a traditional Balinese dance, which four of the women watch from outside the circle. Tamra and Heather arrive late to the dinner THEY planned. Minus 10.

As they walk into dinner, Shannon thanks Heather for including her on the trip and says that she hopes they can get past everything and be friends. She says that right before she plans to attack Tamra. 

Tamra notices Vicki's too quiet at dinner and knows something's up. Vicki says she's sad, but Tamra doesn't buy it. She knows Vicki too well. 

Before Shannon can attack Tamra, Heather apologizes to Shannon for how things have gone down and then brings up the fact that Terry is mad at what David said to Heather prior to Heather riding the bull at her party. 

Tamra continues to mouth words to Vicki across the table trying to find out what's wrong. Vicki won't tell her. She just stares Tamra down and wiggles her face around.

When Tamra gets up to go to the bathroom, Heather asks Vicki what's wrong and Vicki says that she thought Tamra was her friend but now she's not so sure.

Shannon leans in to start the attack and Tamra's volume escalates immediately. When Lizzie tells her she's the most insecure woman ever, Tamra leaves the table and Vicki bursts into tears about losing Tamra again.

Heather wipes Vicki's tears. Plus 10.

When Heather has nothing to say, the ladies start telling Heather what they've heard about Heather and Tamra's friendship. Essentially, it's all a sham. Tamra asking Heather to be in her wedding was a crock. Heather starts to cry.

After dinner, Heather decides to go check on Tamra because she doesn't really believe what the women are saying. Vicki tells the other women that she's sad she lost a friend in Bali.


What did you think of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 17? Will Vicki and Tamra be able to work things out? Is Tamra's friendship with Heather fake?

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