The Strain Teaser: Not Conveniant At All

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Think a trip to the convenience store is uneventful? Not when you've got dozens of strigoi lined up outside waiting to make a Slurpee out of you.

Our heroes finally join forces with Vasiliy on The Strain Season 1 Episode 8. The vermin catcher teaches the gang a thing or two, which impresses Setrakian. Has he finally found his young Padawan?

Yes portable ultraviolet lamps are our friend in this insane new world, but what exactly are the creatures after?

Sadly a few folks do not make it out of that Gold Star. Care to place your bets who becomes strigoi-chow? Hit the comments below!

Watch The Strain online to catch up and check out the FX teaser below to see what's ahead on Sunday:

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The Strain Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Tunnels are the perfect ecology for them, aren't they? Dank, dark, devoid of sunlight.


Vasiliy: I need the rules. What kills these things aside from direct sunlight?
Setrakian: Brainstem must be destroyed or severed from the spinal cord.