Under the Dome Review: Tunnel, Tower and Truth

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After weeks of not much of substance happening, Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 6 brought action, suspense and answers. Of course, the answers brought more questions, but they helped expand the story.

The highlight of the hour was the interactions between Barbie and Sam. It's too bad that Sam sacrificed himself to the cavern, because I would have enjoyed seeing them work together or against each other more. Of course, it's possible that Sam's still alive.

Fingers crossed!

Into the Tunnel

It was no surprise to viewers that Sam killed Angie or why he did it, so his confession to Barbie was a bit anti-climatic. I would have liked to have seen Sam get into more detail about the journal and his sister's drawings since there's so much to be gleamed from them. Though, perhaps that's better left as a mystery, I'll have to see how it plays out.

Before Sam fell, he revealed his version of what happened the night Melanie died. When the four found the meteorite, Melanie was drawn to the egg and wouldn't let it go even though it was "screaming" and "killing" Pauline. When Lyle went after Melanie and the egg, she fell and hit her head on the meteorite. He was heartbroken and felt enormous guilt about what happened to her.

When she returned, he thought he was going crazy. Everything from Pauline's journal was coming true and Sam believed the only way to save them was to kill the Four Hands and bring the Dome down. It was odd that he was determined to bring the Dome down, but intended to kill himself in the end. What's the point then? His nephew and friends would be dead and so would he. Maybe he really is just crazy.

In addition to hearing Sam's story, the egg came back into play. With Melanie replacing Angie as one of the Hands, they were able to raise the egg from the bottom of the ocean. After bringing it home, they all touched it and an image of a tower appeared after pink stars floated in the air.

Both Junior and Melanie were familiar with it. Junior saw it in his dreams and Melanie said it was from her hometown of Zenith. Could that be where Pauline is living now? She's connected to both the egg's past and present somehow and likely the key to bringing the Dome down.

We'll have to wait and see. With Sam and presumably Lyle down the cavern, it's now up to Barbie to explore it and find out what's down there. Is it a way out of town and the Dome? Or does it lead to death? If so, then Melanie and Pauline are the only two original Hands still alive. Hmm.... intriguing.

As has become the norm, Big Jim and his political maneuvers were the least interesting part of the hour. With Julia stuck investigating the tunnels and cavern, it may be a miracle if the town's residents are still alive when they come back up. With Big Jim regaining control, anything's possible, but most likely nothing good will come from it.

Is Sam dead?

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