19 One and Done TV Shows: Which Deserved a Second Season?

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Every television season, excitement is piqued across the viewer landscape as new shows make their way to the small screen.

And at the end of every season, hopes are dashed when programs you've just grown to love are snatched out from under your nose and you're left to forever wonder about the fate of the characters you adore.

Good news! You're not alone. We all have shows we've loved and lost and this is a list honoring some of them. It's not all of them - it can't be - but it's a unique rundown, as we attempt to recall some of the best series from the last 20 years that barely lasted a full season.

Fortunately, most of those involved with these shows have gone on to success elsewhere, including Bryan Fuller, Phoebe Tonkin, Tim Minear, Nathan Fillion, Alex O'Loughlin, Seth Rogan, Lana Parilla, Donal Logue, Jared Leto and Jason Segal.

So flip through the gallery and pay your respects to some of the most memorable one and dones of recent memory:

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