Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 3: Full Episode Live!

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It’s not easy to fall in love on The Bachelor. 

Or, well, not in love, right, Juan Pablo Galavis? We don't want to put a word into your mouth that you've never actually said to Nikki.

Still, it's not easy to maintain any kind of regular relationship when a two people are in the spotlight as much as this pair as been, a point both Juan Pablo and Nikki tried to make on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 3.

They shared the sort of story that no normal twosome can relate to, seeing as it centered around a Las Vegas party hosted by the former Bachelor, one that promoted itself to single women.

Nikki wasn't a fan and she voiced her complaint during an especially tension-filled group therapy session. She ended up clashing with Dr. Jenn during it - and Juan Pablo tried to argue that men are more "logical" than women.

It's complicated stuff, people. Watch Couples Therapy online for plenty more:

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