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Elena continued her way down the dark path of revenge on Dallas Season 3 Episode 11 and I wonder if she'll ever find her way back. 

She said she wanted to end things but when Elena asked for her restitution, that may have been just the beginning. It was easy to understand her fury. She lost her father and then her brother to a lie but what she's done to prove it has driven her to a very dark place. 

But it wasn't so much Elena threatening to go to the authorities with JR's letter that made waves. It was the ripple effect as the rest of the family learned the truth. Sue Ellen was crushed. Why would JR write to her saying he wanted a second chance when he got back from Mexico if he knew he was never coming back? Poor Sue Ellen felt betrayed and cheated out of her chance to tell the man she loved most in her life goodbye. 

Hopefully, hearing the truth from Baum brought her some solace. Things with JR were never easy while he was alive, why should death change anything?

Anne was furious with Bobby. Partially because what he did was so wrong, partially because he didn't share it with her but mostly because he made her feel like a pariah for lying when he'd been doing plenty of it himself. Of course Bobby doesn't see it that way. He was protecting her and his family but there's no way Anne isn't hurt and angry. Is there any chance that these two will reconcile.

Especially when Harris continued to call on her to help with Emma. I thought Harris was about to get thrown in a trunk and hauled back to prison or worse. Instead the mystery man was actually the tail he'd put on his daughter. Emma looked so shocked that Daddy didn't tell her he was secretly working for the CIA. "Because I didn't trust you, and for good reason. " I can't argue with that. Trustworthy isn't a word I associate with Emma Ryland. 

But back to the aftermath of Elena's retribution. After being called out from everyone from his wife, to Sue Ellen to Pamela, Bobby looked devastated. Had his brother sent him down the wrong path or had he willingly taken it himself. Or was it the wrong path taken for all the right reasons? 

On a side note, I loved Johnny Cash's version of the song "Hurt" that played while Bobby trashed his office. It added to the feeling of emotional desolation perfectly. 

Christopher tried to appeal to the Elena he grew up with. To the good, honest person he knows she is but she was having none of it. I loved his response in this Dallas quote when she accused him of being jealous…

You're not the one that got away. You're just gone.

Christopher (to Elena)

Ouch. That had to sting just a bit. Will figuring out that Nicholas is really Joaquim help the Ewings figure out his real plan before the cartel can take over Ewing Global?

When John Ross found out who sent that video, I knew there was going to be hell to pay. John Ross didn't disappoint. He stormed over and told Nicolas exactly how Elena got her hands on that letter, and it had nothing to do with being a pick pocket at work…

I was shocked too. Who knew Elena could be such a thieving whore?

John Ross

Nicolas didn't yell. He didn't even raise his voice but his fury as he turned to Elena was frightening all the same. Now the question is, where is he taking her? Maybe she can have a spare room on the compound with his wife and kids in Mexico. 

But before Elena left she did two things I never saw coming. I would have thought she'd ask for her family's original piece of land that was stolen by JR. In a shocking twist, she asked for the land that Digger accused Jock of stealing over half a century ago. It's the piece of land that began the entire Ewing / Barnes feud. 

Then she gave it to Pamela, along with a choice to make. Pamela now has the power to free her father. Did Elena give it to her because she thought it was the right thing to do, or because she didn't want to make the decision herself?  Elena couldn't deny that Bobby was right after speaking to Cliff…

I'm not stopping until I wipe the Ewings off the face of the earth and you made it possible.


If Cliff is let out of his cage, he will bite and the blood spilled could be more than just the Ewings. But is putting the decision in Pamela's hands cruel? He is her father but he's also responsible for the death of her unborn children, something for which he's never expressed an ounce of remorse. Will making this decision empower Pamela or simply shake her already tenuous emotional health.

What do you think TV Fanatics? Will Pamela let Cliff out of prison?

Hurt Review

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You're the one who tossed her out with the trash. Maybe we should thank you for turning her into such a spiteful bitch.

John Ross

He got us to write his ending The ending where JR Ewing isn't a monster.