Dallas Review: Who Will Bobby Save?

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Ann and Emma were the collateral damage in Dallas Season 3 Episode 13.

Will either of them get out of Mexico alive? There's certainly plenty of people trying to make that happen but they all have different agendas.

Ann was right when she told Emma that they were stronger if they worked together. As much as I was happy that neither one of them fell apart, there really wasn't much either of them could do. In the middle of nowhere in Mexico with armed men everywhere and bars on the windows, the hope of escape was nil. 

Luis was a quiet but scary psychopath. One moment he's attempting the facade of a gracious host and the next he's holding a gun to Emma's head. That scene was very well played. Terror radiated off of Ann and Emma as she was dragged away as well as Harris and Judith on the other end of the line. If Luis' goal was to make them understand how serious he was, he succeeded. 

Judith was in a state we'd never seen before…wrecked. Kudos to Judith Light for making me feel sympathy for her sociopath of a character. Even Bobby appeared completely disconcerted as Judith looked up at him with tearful eyes and admitted that Emma was everything to her. 

Everyone was doing everything they could to ensure the hostages safe return. John Ross not only asked Pamela for help, he tried to broker a deal with a family he knew couldn't stand him. As he told Pamela in this Dallas quote

You here to beat up on me some more? Get in line I've got people who hate me on every continent.

John Ross

Perhaps no one hated him more right now than Pamela but I give her credit for being honest with him, "You and Emma, it killed me John Ross. I believed in both of you. But Ann, I'll do anything to help her even if it means helping you." So a tentative truce was formed…for now.

Christopher went to find Lucia Trevino. It was one thing to know her husband had a mistress, quite another to realize that he put being with Elena ahead of the safety of his family. I'm not sure why Lucia ended up at Southfork but it should make things plenty interesting if Elena returns there when all of this is done. 

Speaking of Nicholas, he finally came clean with Elena. I suppose Hunter McKay's death made him realize that the cartel was cleaning up loose ends. Could he be one of them? Perhaps, but not until after he delivers the cash after liquidating Ewing Global. 

Finally we get to Bobby. At first I almost laughed when Bobby spent his time calling politicians to save Ann and Emma. I'm not sure what good they are against the cartel or how much pull they really have with the CIA. But Bobby's master plan was ingenious, and incredibly risky.

A government sponsored emergency evacuation drill along the border would monopolize everyone's time and attention…and allow an entire train full of drugs to make it into Mexico. If he pulls it off, he can save Ann and Emma. If he gets caught he could spend a lifetime behind bars. 

But right now Luis gave him a choice. He can have Ann or Emma. If he chooses Ann, she may never forgive him for leaving her daughter behind. If he chooses Emma, will the Rylands fight nearly as hard to help save Ann?

You tell me TV Fanatics, who do you think Bobby will choose to be set free?

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