Dallas: Watch Season 3 Episode 11 Online

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Elena confronted the Ewings on Dallas Season 3 Episode 11 and the consequences have just begun. 

Bobby dealt with the family's fury as the truth came out about JR's death and master plan and Elena asked for restitution. Money, Ewing land, and Cliff's release or she'd out Bobby's deception to the world. 

But when she realizes that Cliff only plans to spend his freedom seeking vengeance, she hands the pardon to Pamela to decide whether to set her father free or keep him in prison. 

Elsewhere, John Ross finds out that Nicolas sent the sex tape to Pamela and retaliates by telling him that Elena slept with him to get to JR's letter. 

You won't want to miss a minute of the Ewing drama. Watch Dallas online now at TV Fanatic. 

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You're the one who tossed her out with the trash. Maybe we should thank you for turning her into such a spiteful bitch.

John Ross

He got us to write his ending The ending where JR Ewing isn't a monster.