Days of Our Lives Recap: Momma's Home!

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There's been a lot of action at the Dimera mansion lately. A couple of weeks ago Chad returned and now EJ's long, lost momma shows up on his doorstep.

Susan Banks. I'd almost forgotten her name it's been so long but yes, she is the woman who named EJ, Elvis. Something about that always makes me smile. 

Has EJ ever mentioned his mother? If he has, I simply can't recall it and for that reason alone I can't wait to see how he reacts to his buck-toothed, shy, Elvis loving mother. This is going to be a hoot.

EJ and Sami's kids finally returned from the longest summer camp in history. Perhaps their elite private school doesn't start until October. And has Allie had a growth spurt or was it just me? I know they are fraternal twins but Allie looked about a foot and half taller than Johnny. 

Sami and EJ finally and completely reconciled and I'll admit that the romantic in me loved it when EJ asked, "Samantha Jean Brady Dimera, will you marry me one last time?" I know there are plenty of fans who would love to see them remain apart but as much as I enjoyed Sami's revenge, I'm happy they've found their way back together. As EJ declared in this Days of Our Lives quote

When it comes to matters of the heart, you are the bravest person I have ever met. When I think of all the years that I hated watching you wear your heart on your sleeve for all those heartless bastards. I gave you my soul. I won't ask for it back. I don't have any need for it without you.


Besides, who else would have either of them?

Perhaps even more fun was watching them joke around in the bedroom. They were both so deliriously happy and it's always fun to see EJ's sense of humor, as when Harold called to tell them that Marlena was on her way…

Yes, Harold, I think you should release the dogs. (to Sami) It's your mother. She's coming.


 But they had little to fear. For once, Marlena left her judgmental side at home. I think she was just too darn happy to see John come out of his coma. 

Speaking of John, was Theresa really about to put an air bubble in his vein to keep him quiet? For all she's done wrong, she's still Shane and Kimberly's daughter. I prefer the show not make her into a cold blooded killer. 

If Marlena lost her judgmental tendencies, Jennifer found hers in spades. Last week she made Daniel feel like an idiot for even talking to Kristen. This week she found out Daniel got her grown son medical attention and made sure he got home in one piece. Did she rush to thank him? No. Instead she ran to the hospital to yell at him for not calling her immediately or somehow forcing JJ to tell her what had happened. 

Jennifer's self-righteousness makes her almost unwatchable. I don't know why Daniel would even consider taking her back. 

Back to the Dimera's…Chad made the rounds. When he heard about EJ and Sami's reconciliation he shared his awe with his  brother.

By the way, high marks on some world class philandering. Not many guys could do it with the brother's girlfriend, the wife's maid of honor, have it immortalized in print and still get the wife back. You must be really good in…negotiations.


I must say, I'm really enjoying this new Chad. He's playing Kate and Stefano off one another as well as Ben and Abigail. I'm not sure what his plan is with Will and this article but I have no doubt whatever it is Will won't see it coming. He's simply not that bright.

Your turn TV Fanatics. Pick your favorite Days of Our Lives line of the week...

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