Days of Our Lives Round Table: Chad's Back. Do You Care?

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Kristen figured out Theresa's secret. A Dimera returned to Salem (but not the one we expected) and John received the antidote this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Kim and Melinda from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate EJ and Sami's reconciliation, Chad's return, and which character they'd like to see return to Salem. 


Now that Kristen has figured out her secret, what will Theresa do next?

Nick: I don't think that Theresa is necessarily going to know that Kristen knows. Kristen is going to bide her time and wait for the exact moment to attack Theresa with the information, and Kristen will time it perfectly to get back into Brady's orbit.

Kim: Nothing, until she realizes she is pregnant or pretends to be.

Melinda: Lie. Teresa is going to lie. I don't know what lie she'll come up with, but if she sticks with her usual MO....lies. But if she doesn't get rid of that hint of desperation that tends to follow her everywhere, Kristen will crush her.

Christine: For someone with so much experience at lying, it seems odd that Theresa is so bad at this. I think she'll try and spin it to make it seem like Kristen made it up to get back at her. Maggie breaking up Kristen attacking Theresa will play into that plan. Between both women trying to manipulate him, Brady won't know which way to turn. 

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Do you want to see John wake up?

Nick: John has been relegated to such an awful spot storytelling wise that I really don't have much confidence in the writing team to give him a decent story if he begins to wake up.

Kim: Yes. The couple of John and Marlena is special to a lot of people.

Melinda: I totally want to see John wake up. Not because I'm a John fan, necessarily, but because the potential here is enormous! Will he think he's still Stefano's pawn? Involved with Princess Gina? Married to Isabella? Convinced he's Roman Brady? I want something really intriguing and fun, Days writers! (besides....Days still has Jan Spears in a coma somewhere, I think, and one permanently unconscious character is plenty, thanks.)

Christine: I agree with Melinda that there is plenty of potential for great story…but like Nick, I'm not convinced the writers will pull it off. Time will tell. 

Will took the new job with the same editor he felt betrayed him. Great opportunity or huge mistake?

Nick: Drama wise it's an excellent opportunity for Will to continue to broaden his reach on the Salem Canvas, so I'm all for it; however, unlike the reasons for writing his expose on the Sam, EJ, and Abigail drama this time around the writing needs to better fit his character. If they want to change the direction of his character, one random story is not going to cut it. I would rather have a slow burn as Will's actions are slowly changed rather than some random article from out of nowhere. 

Kim: Huge mistake, but frankly, don't care. Will is the character I like least right now, along with Abby.

Melinda: For all that Will grew up around scheming women, he sure didn't see this coming. This has train wreck written all over it.

Christine: Will is so much like Sami. He's impatient and insecure and jumps in before thinking things through. Story wise this could be fun but as usual, Sonny was the voice of reason to which Will chose not to listen. 

Sami and EJ are getting closer. Are you thrilled or disappointed?

Nick: Disappointed. I want to see Sami continue to cause hell for everyone involved not run into EJ's arms.

Kim: Neither. I do like James Scott a great deal, and the two actors do work well together. It makes for good soap, but I'm not an EJAMI shipper.

Melinda: Thrilled. While deep down in my heart, I've always wanted Lucas and Sami together, I think Sami and EJ suit each other. I think they can easily spend the rest of their lives driving each other happily crazy!

Christine: I think EJ is the only man who has ever accepted Sami for exactly who she is, so for that reason alone I'm happy to see them reconciling.

Chad's back. What are your thoughts?

Nick: Old Chad was boring and a waste of character space to be honest. New Chad is already coming in with some bite and fun to him, and anyone who slugs EJ deserves at least a few more minutes of my time.

Kim: Meh.

Melinda: I have mixed feelings about Chad. Recasts are tough....but I think the potential storylines could be really terrific. So many things have changed since he left Salem!

Christine: Recasts are always difficult but the time seems right. But I really hope we see a little more of the Dimera side to Chad this time around. 

If you could choose one former character to return to Salem, who would it be?

Nick: I want the characters who are sort of here, but not really, to actually have some stories rather than bring back old characters. Lucas, Kayla, and Abe are all around and waiting to be used for story.

Kim: Probably Nick Corelli, for Eve, played by a certain actor. *wink*

Melinda: Wow....that's tough. For someone to come back briefly, definitely Bo. I (and everyone else I know who watches Days) want the Bo/Hope situation resolved! For a permanent return, Philip. He needs to be taking the reins from Victor so Maggie and Victor can enjoy their retirement years.

Christine: First, I agree with Nick. Why have core characters like Kayla around if you aren't going to use them? But I'd love to see Philip return to fill out the Kiriakis clan. He could interact with Victor, Maggie, Sonny, and Brady. He could even despise Daniel as the man who replaced him with Parker. If the writers used his character well, it could certainly add a lot to the show. 

What was your favorite story or scene of the week? 

Nick: Hope realizing she has some feelings for Aiden. The fantasy was corny, but I'm super happy to see that Hope is still moving on with her life even though Bo has abandoned her.

Kim: Tie between Eve in that gorgeous dress, slamming the door on Jenn and Sami telling EJ what it was like for her.

Melinda: It's gotta be Lucas...his line about reading about successful marriages was perfect!

Christine: Kayla telling Hope she had nothing to be guilty about because Bo has basically abandoned her and Ciara. I love seeing these core characters share scenes and it was great to hear what I've been thinking coming from Bo's own sister!

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