Extant Review: We Are Not Alone

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Some people are just selfish bastards. 

That term definitely applies to Yasumoto, who shared his origin story, if you will, with Molly in Extant Season 1 Episode 11. To put it succinctly, all off this has happened because he was afraid to die. Molly nailed that one.

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So many years ago (unless I'm out of my mind it was 140 or so?), Yasumoto was a miner. After a collapse, the mine closed over and his employer left him to die. Instead, he stuck his hand in a pile of meteor goo (as you do!) and it crawled up his arm, healing his wounds.

That goo is what Yas (Hey, we're cool. Plus, creator Mickey Fisher calls him Yas on Twitter. We're rolling with it.) synthesized to create his serum which has just run out. I'm not really certain why he's so sure Circles can deliver what he wants or, more importantly, why the kid would want to part with his gooey guts just so Yas can live a little longer.

Yep -- Circles killed Sparks' ex wife and wandered out of what appeared to be a sporting arena and toward a lit field. The tunnel scene evoked memories of Close Encounters of the Third Kind when the mothership finally landed and the first alien came out as well as when Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) was escorted in. 

Of course, that's not a surprise when you remember that Steven Spielberg's hands are dipping in both wells! I always wondered what those benevolent aliens were like.

Something tells me we won't find out on Extant. The odds that Circles is going to be a variety of alien we'd welcome is less likely with every breath. With so much blood on its hands, it seems there will only be more coming. Oh well. 

Sadly, Sparks did all of this to recapture his vision of his daughter Katie, who is alive and well and was floating through space in her escape pod. Do I think all three parties on board the Seraphim were visions of Sean's (Shaun? Shawn?).? No, because in order for Sparks to feel the heat, his actual daughter has to come back.

Unless I misunderstood, I thought Molly was intrigued with the idea those she lost (Marcus and the baby) could come back with the help of... the serum? It was hard difficult to understand what Yas was trying to explain to her. I assume he probably sees his wife in something other than flashback form. 

Eh. Who knows? It was confusing but it ended well. We all want to meet Circles, right?!

What do you think Odin did to Ethan? He shut him down and brought him back up and the only change we saw was Ethan's reaction to John. Poor John. It's about time someone brought him up to date on all these events. Isn't the news capturing the myriad of murders going on throughout town? Shoot outs like that aren't the norm in our world.

I don't have a lot of hope for a renewal, so I'm taking the advice of reader Jan who wrote, "No need to wrack your brain over this series. One simply has to allow the series to run its course :-) I just want to know what "Circles" looks like already!" So, Jan, you got your first glimpse of Circles! What are your thoughts?

Everyone can chime in. There are only two episodes left. If you missed any containing what you think might be substantial clues, you can watch Extant online to fill in the gaps!

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