Extant Season 1 Episode 13: Full Episode Live!

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It's the season finale and Extant Season 1 Episode 13 left viewers very confused. How? Well, let's discuss.

When Sean is lost in space, Molly is sent to the Seraphim to bring him and Katie back safely. Nope, she doesn't know that Katie isn't Katie at all but a bunch of spores. However, she's given another nifty suit, one that uses Algorithm Danny 5 so she can see things for what they are, even if that means they're scattered fungal spores. Except Katie is a lot more like Molly's spawn than a pile of spores. How will Molly deal with that?!

Back on earth, poor little Ethan is certain his parents want to shut him down permanently because he's not like other little boys. We had Odin to thank for that. We also had Odin to thank for putting a honeycomb bomb into little Ethan's back. Can John explain to him what all of this means? Of course he can. Ethan was raised well.

Spawn-boy is wreaking havoc at the ISEA because he can control the minds of humans. Guess who isn't a human! Ethan. Little bomb ridden Ethan will have to go up against his half alien brother to save the day. Can it be done? Will anyone come out alive? Can Ethan transcend the life he had and carry on? 

Frankly, you won't understand any of it unless you watch Extant online. So why not do that right now? Click below!

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