Gotham Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Selina Kyle

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The world of Gotham is an odd one.

It’s grimy and dark in a way that seems resistant to any kind of hope. There’s a cartoonish sensibility at times (like with the kidnappers) mixed in with some truly violent and bloody scenes. Like really violent.

It makes me want to roll my eyes one moment and then give a look of grossed out surprise the next. Case in point: The scratched out eyes. I mean, wow, that little girl did that?

Selina Kyle, I mean, Kat, is certainly a survivor (and she said to scratch out eyes if getting into a fight), but it’s not at all what I was expecting.

It’s tough to determine if there’s still just a mishmash of tones or it’s intentional to keep viewers off balance and unsure what to expect next.

But while Gotham Season 1 Episode 2 had something of a case of the week, it really felt more as if Gotham was continuing to open up and be revealed.

The kidnappers work for some person named the Dollmaker. Who is he? Why does he want children? Will we see him or her soon? It’s not quite clear, but it's really creepy.

So while the kidnappers were stopped, the larger story of the Dollmaker is clearly not done.

If anything, the kidnapping part of the hour was more or less a catalyst to lead Selina to Jim Gordon. When she’s not calling the police names or claiming they touched her, she was there to offer Jim a tip about the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. But does she really know anything?

I really just want to know more about Selina. I guess she has a mom (dead, alive, not sure), and she’s a street-wise street kid with expert bus-hiding skills. I like her sassiness and getting to see her actually converse with others, but it didn’t feel like we saw much more than in Gotham Season 1 Episode 1, and this episode was entitled “Selina Kyle.”

But it's early, so I'm willing to wait (for now) to keep seeing these characters get a chance to grow.

As it is, there's already been progress with Jim and Harvey, and I'm really enjoying their partnership. There was a nice banter and camaraderie between the two that’s not buddy-buddy, but it felt like they were more on the same page, you know, like pages of a phonebook. Does anyone use phonebooks to beat up people anymore?

Though, if Harvey finds out Jim didn't kill Oswald Cobblepot (and he will), there's going to be some major trust issues. Heck, the crazy chaos Oswald seems driven to bring might make Jim question his decision to let him go.

The Penguin in The County - Gotham

Oswald continues to stand out as a rising villain. His character sometimes comes close to campy, but Robin Lord Taylor plays him so well, giving off a polite side before descending into an insane darkness.

Poor frat guys, they had no idea what they were getting into. And that look Oswald gave after the mother didn’t believe in the kidnapping? I can only imagine how crazy the character will become over the series, and I love it.

I'm having a hard time with getting on board with Fish Mooney. I like that she's trying to push out Carmine, though he's still clearly in charge, but the over-the-top delivery of her lines keeps taking me out of her scenes. She can be eccentric and crazy, fine, but I just wish she'd tone it down.

I’m still a bit wary about the use of Bruce throughout the series, but I liked that his part was a small but important one for the hour. Bruce clearly seems troubled - at least on some level - but it’s watching Alfred deal with the situation that stands out. I love his anger and gruff attitude mixed with a care and concern.

Alfred seems like he’s trying to be a father figure, but is wholly unsure about how to go about it. He’s not so certain with every move he makes and in simply saying “Yes, Master Bruce.” It certainly opened up the door to further the connection with Jim, for both Bruce and Alfred. This new take on the “butler” is fantastic.

I can’t help but remain intrigued by the series, even if I’m still skeptical as well. Maybe it's the Batman fan in me that has me coming back for more?

It’s tough because there’s still dialogue that just sounds funny coming out of characters' mouths and acting that seems over the top for some, but others seem very grounded.

The promise of a show that can become truly good remains, and I'm still invested to see the world of Gotham grow.

What did you think of Selina Kyle? Who's your favorite character? Sound off below and see the latest installment when you watch Gotham online now.

Selina Kyle Review

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