Jennifer Morrison Teases Once Upon a Time Season 4, Frozen Intrigue

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With Once Upon a Time returning to ABC this Sunday, I couldn't have been more excited yesterday to jump on the phone with Jennifer Morrison.

The actress behind Emma Swan teased the upcoming connection between Once Upon a Time and Frozen, the repercussions of Marian's return on Emma and Regina's relationship and whether or not Hook sheds his leather look in Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 1. Read on for excerpts from our exclusive interview...


Emma's always been running to something or from something. Has she decided that Storybrooke is her home this season?

She's absolutely decided that Storybrooke is her home in this season. I think she's going to face things that challenge that decision at certain points. She's actually made a conscious decision to put down roots and call some place home. 

I hear that we're going to be exploring more about Emma's past this season. Can you share anything about that?

I don't know that I can go into any great detail about it but in general what I can say is that we do see flashbacks from when she was younger. We discover some pieces of information that takes a turn that no one really sees coming, I didn't see it coming. It definitely adds a layer of intrigue into how everything fits together. 

Fans are excited about the pairing of Captain Swan. Will Emma and Hook be a couple as we enter season 4?

I guess so. I don't know if that's what we'll call it in terms of…I don't know if they're in a place where they're labeling something as a couple but in terms of them both being open to exploring what a relationship would look like and if it were possible under the circumstances and if it's possible for them to overcome some of their damage from each of their pasts in order to try to be vulnerable with each other. That's all definitely being explored and definitely prominent in this season. 

Frozen is coming to Storybrooke. How much interaction will Emma have with Elsa and Anna?

Emma has an incredible amount of interaction with Elsa. They're actually quite connected because they're very similar. They both have powers that they don't understand. They both feel that they can't completely control those powers. They both have accidentally hurt people because of those powers. They've both been misunderstood for most of their life and are trying to figure out a way to open themselves up after years of being closed off. So there's an incredible amount of emotional baggage that they both share and so they become very connected very quickly because of how similar they are. And I think Elsa has spent more time trying to figure out how to handle her magic and trying to control it where as Emma is really very new to all of that. Elsa becomes very critical to Emma in terms of helping her focus her magic and try to control her magic and try to figure use it to the best of her abilities. 

Emma inadvertently ruined Regina's love life, reminiscent of how Snow ruined Regina's love life back in the Enchanted Forest. How guilty does Emma feel about that and will there be repercussions?

It's a disaster. Emma feels incredibly guilty about that. Emma would never intentionally try to hurt Regina in any way. They've been through far too much in the last three seasons. Regina has worked very hard to redeem herself and to grow past some of the hurt and pain that has caused the evil side of her in the past. Emma respects that and admires that and she feels like Regina has really become a friend over time. She really wants Regina to be in a good place because she wants her to continue to be a good mother to Henry and also stay in a friendship with everyone in Storybrooke instead of being the adversary to everyone. So, Emma feels incredibly guilty but she doesn't feel guilty about saving someone's life. There are certainly repercussions but Emma is trying to find a way to stand by her decision to save Marian but also offer any help she possibly could offer to Regina in order to get her life in a good place again. 

Emma and Regina have really had quite a journey. They despised one another at the beginning of the series. Do you feel Emma is now comfortable being a co-parent with Regina for Henry?

I think she absolutely is comfortable being a co-parent with Regina for Henry mostly because I think that over the time they have battled each other, supported each other, had to fight on the same side in order to save Henry. All of the things they've been through, ultimately Emma has realized that she and Regina have a lot in common. They're both women who've made many mistakes in their lives. Very different mistakes, but mistakes. They've both fought very hard to redeem those mistakes so I think Emma relates to that part of Regina and realizes that there are some things that they have in common. And the biggest thing that they have in common is that they both love Henry and they both have their backs for him. So Emma can always count on Regina to do the right thing for Henry. That's an important thing for her to count on in order for her to feel comfortable with Regina being a good parent. 

As much as we love the long leather look and can't possible picture him in a pair of khakis, will Hook ever get real clothes this season?

He does get real clothes but they do not involve khaki pants. He stays in leather it's just a little more updated version of leather.

On the set, who do you have the most fun with?

Oh my goodness! That's like me asking you who's your favorite co-worker, publish it and then go to work and face everyone. That's not a fair question. I love everyone.

Is there anything else you can tease us with about this season of Once Upon a Time?

I would say it's my favorite season so far, for sure. I think that the Frozen characters have really added a layer to the story telling that I've truly enjoyed and I really appreciate the opportunity for all of the characters to be more vulnerable in different ways. That's obviously made things a little messier and more raw and just more intriguing in certain ways. So I've really enjoyed that and I feel like there are going to be a couple of left turns that no one sees coming.

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