Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: A Fond Farewell?

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The bell on Jersey Belle Season 1 has officially rang.

On Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 8, viewers watched as Danielle and Bart received some discouraging news that put a pretty big damper on the finale.

Meanwhile, as a whole, the women went to Arden's family lake house (on an episode aptly titled "The Lake House"), where Jaime bonded in a major way with Danielle. They each vented over their shared frustrations and irritations.

Luci also confided in Scarlett and Haley on the episode, while, everyone let their hair down at a juke joint that serves moonshine. Fun, right?

The question, of course, is whether this will also serve as a SERIES finale, seeing as Bravo is yet to renew the program.

Do you want to see a second season? Watch Jersey Belle online as you ponder that question in the Comments section:

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