Lost Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary: Where is the Cast Now?

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One of the most groundbreaking and important television series of our time premiered 10 years ago today. 

Lost captivated audiences from the moment the plane crashed onto the island. Well, let's be honest, everything from casting to the first promos for the series captured audiences' attention in the United States and then the world.

Although the show wrapped up with one of the most controversial endings of all time, we're still fascinated with Lost, what it meant and the people who brought the characters to life.

To celebrate the beginning of a new type of storytelling, we're checking in with the cast and where they are today. There are some amazing coincidences, such as the number of stars who have passed through Hawaii Five-0

Harold Perrineau, Jorge Garcia and Henry Ian Cusick will be starring in a movie together called When We Were Pirates (always with the islands these people!). It seems the cast formed bonds as lasting as the impression Lost made on viewers. 

Take a look at the cast - whether they started on Season 1 or afterward, we remember them still and always...

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