Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 11 Review: One For the Money, Two For the Show

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Let's just put this out there right now: Libby Masters it's about darn time!

Yes, Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 11 brought us a moment where Libby found some guts and really went after what she wanted, reputation and upbringing be damned.

Let's be clear about one thing: I don't condone cheating.

There, now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about this situation using everything that we know. Bill has been regularly screwing around on Libby for years. He claims it's for a study and maybe it was once upon a time, but it hasn't been for awhile.

Libby is still the dutiful wife in a sexless and basically loveless marriage. They are partners for show and convenience. Nobody wants to get a divorce, this is the early 60s and Bill does depend on Libby to a degree that he can't depend on anyone else. Remember when he basically had a panic attack in her arms at the end of Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 4.

Although he had a similar breakdown in Virginia's arms at the end of this week's episode, as well.

But back to Libby, after spending time waiting around Bill's office and realizing that she's basically second best to Virginia, Libby realized it was time to take off and find her own purpose.

Oh we're wearing the same color you and I. Do you think it'll look like a uniform? Like what all of Bill Masters' women wear?

Libby [to Virginia]

I did see a comment saying that people thought Libby's relationship with Robert shouldn't be an assumed sexual attraction. That point of view is definitely valid. I do see Libby finding value in working and doing her own thing aside from Bill. Especially because she is working for a cause. And it is truly wonderful to see Libby doing something different and meaningful.

There is of course always the probability that Libby is attracted to both the job and Robert. After tonight's episode, it's safe to say that would be the case! Tonight was truly Libby's episode. And I will just say I for one am damn happy about it. See below for her full monologue:

I never got to be that, dumb maybe, but never a kid. They called me “the little grown up” and I was so proud of that, of being good and following the rules. Anything to be the teacher’s pet, but then you grow up and there’s no teacher to please. Just some idea of what people expect from a pretty girl. You make a nice home and you raise well-behaved children. You don’t make waves, you don’t make trouble, you keep your voice down. And you go along like that and your wanting to be good makes you quiet, so quiet that you forget the sound of your own voice, people forget that you’re there, your husband forgets that you’re there. Maybe you aren’t and you meet someone who doesn’t like you very much, who doesn’t think that you’re kind of you’re good, who thinks that you’re ignorant or prejudice even, which maybe deep down you are. And this thing that you have been afraid of forever, someone thinking ill of you, it is almost a relief because at least someone is seeing you and you are not invisible.


I felt sad for Libby when she said that she feels invisible. The woman needs to feel a passion for something. This doesn't seem like some sordid affair where she went out to get revenge on Bill. Libby deserves to feel a fire in her life and she finally does and no it's not only because of Robert. 

Normally I don't care all that much about Flo and Austin. Flo is spunky and Austin is a total male bimbo but not that sharpest tool in the shed. However, something about tonight's scenario and the Gone With The Wind role play got me thinking. It's interesting to see what turned women on 50 years ago versus what turns them on today. Now it's powerful billionaires named Christian Grey. Back then it was Rhett Butler.

Do you see any similarities in the type of things that turned women on back then with what turns them on today? What did you think of Libby's tryst with Robert? What do you make of Bill's breakdown in Virginia's arms in the office? Sound off in the comments! 

One For the Money, Two For the Show Review

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For a guy who dips his wick as much as you, you don't really get women at all.


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