NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 1 Review: In Deep Trouble

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A submarine was turned into a bomb by terrorists on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 1. Was there any possible way that Sam and Callen survived that life-threatening situation?

As much as I think we were supposed to believe they could actually die, I never worried for them. Not for a single second. Did that take away from the suspense of the hour? Yes, but it was still enjoyable to watch Sam and Callen figure a way out of their predicament, especially since they did it with humor rather than dread.

Sam and Callen's training and experience allowed them to recognize the full danger of their situation without becoming panicked or unhinged. The terrorists were on a suicide mission to blow up an aircraft carrier in San Diego and in response Sam and Callen declared their own suicide mission to prevent the attack. Who's will was greater? 

The teams on both side of that solid door were committed to their mission. Fortunately, Sam and Callen outplayed their opponents. Despite the falling oxygen levels, they started a fire on their side of the submarine which allowed them to break through the hull. The terrorists didn't immediately open the door, but in the end it was the only way to save their suicide mission.

The terrorists succeeded in the suicide part of their mission when Sam and Callen killed them. They didn't succeed in their attack though, as they were prevented them from using the submarine as a bomb. With the terrorists taken care of, the NCIS agents had to figure out a way to save their own lives and they were running out of time. There was some suspense in their final breath even if their fate was never a worry.

After a panicked investigation, Sam and Callen's teammates figured out the true purpose and target of the submarine bomb. it was through the eyes of rest of the NCIS Los Angeles team that the outcome was emotional. In the command center, Hetty, Granger, Nell and Eric believed that Sam and Callen died when the Navy bomb hit the submarine. Meanwhile on the helicopter, Deeks and Kensi believed the same.

The crushing realization when the bomb hit and the presumed loss of their partners and friends was heartbreaking and crushing to witness. They knew the Navy did what was necessary to prevent a terrorist attack, yet that didn't take away from the loss that they felt. That heartbreak quickly turned to joy when Sam and Callen surfaced very much alive and with their sense of humor intact.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. Sam and Callen showcased their amazing partnership and willingness to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, while never giving up. Their perseverance is what has made them successful throughout the years and served them well in this seemingly impossible situation.

If I have one complaint about the hour, it was the relationship between Kensi and Talia. The petty jealousy that turned into a couple punches was beneath both of them. I don't buy that they would act that way or that after that interaction they would become gossip buddies to make Deeks uncomfortable. I hope we never see Talia again. Nothing good has come from her appearance.

Despite the serious situation, there were quite a few funny lines. Check them out in our NCIS: Los Angeles quotes section. And, if you want to check it out again watch NCIS: Los Angeles online now!

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