Once Upon a Time Premiere Pics: Caught Between Two Loves

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As much as we love Elsa and Anna, there's more than ice and snow taking place on the Once Upon a Time Season 4 premiere. Although, that said...

... there is the possibility that Regina's heart may become Frozen when she sees her true love reconnect with his once dead wife!

Robin Hood and Marian look as though they have a lot to catch up on in the following images, but oddly enough they don't look happy to see one another.

Are they in shock? Or is Marian spilling the beans about the Evil Queen being the cause of her demise in another realm?

And Hook and Emma are together...but what on earth has put those looks on their faces?

Check out these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 1, scheduled to air Sunday, September 28 on ABC.

Need to catch up before then? You can always watch Once Upon a Time online right here and now.

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