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And just one week after forgiving Abby for being such a pain in the ass, she uses her feelings for her husband to propel her to do something that could have gotten Bridget killed.

It makes sense, given Ray's secretive behavior and his affairs that Abby wouldn't trust Ray, but in Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 9 it appears that she has little understanding of what he does for a living. If she did, she would have never called in Jim, no matter how into him she was at that very moment.

This is family.

Bridget Must Lie - Ray Donovan

"If someone pops up, these things take care of themselves." That's what Cookie had to say about any potential witnesses. Ray knows he's not messing around. Cookie will kill Bridget; or have her killed, if he ever finds out she saw what happened. It's rather surprising to realize Abby has had her head in the sand about Ray's business. Something tells me if she had been interested, he would have shared some of what he does, if not all or details.

Kate was able to punch through Ray's armor without putting in much time. He started to trust her, even though he ultimately lied to her. Imagine what he might share with his wife if she cared enough to stop turning the other cheek and forced Ray to be honest with her in many different ways.

Thankfully, Abby didn't get her way and Bridget held up very well under the scrutiny of a detective who tried to scare her into telling a different story than the one she did. Just how important that lie was to her future was proven when she ran into Cookie outside the police station. I really thought Cookie saw Bridget in the car, but I'm very happy to be wrong.

Cookie: [to Bridget] Snowflake! I'm so sorry about what happened. I loved the little nigger, too. He had everything in front of 'im.
Ray: She's had a long day, Cookie. We need to go.
Cookie: Understood. It's gonna hurt for a while, but it's gonna get better.

If Bridget, errr... Snowflake, held up under a tight squeeze from Cookie without breaking, she's far more her father's daughter than her mother's. She'll suffer through the pain but at the end of the day, she knows what she has to do to stay alive, even if it's not the right thing for Marvin and Re-Kon.

The whole Bunchy situation is just too awful. He said he hadn't been with a girl in a really long time, but then I realized he has probably never been with a girl. One of the most nauseating sounds in entertainment is that sucking spitting sound people make when kissing. Added in with the possibility Bunchy was thinking of boys, I almost threw up.

Bunchy probably only ever had sexual experience with priests. He hated it, but if he found any physical pleasure in it (and how could a kid turn that off?), he would hate the entire act and stay away from it OR he'd go wild and try to erase it by eating up women. We know he hasn't done the latter.

There is a socialization aspect to sexuality and that's the most horrific thing about abusive situations -- what it does to kids who have suffered at the hands of bastards like the priest that hurt Bunchy (and Ray). Bunchy probably never saw a naked kid. Why would he put himself through that?

The worst part is he told his gal pal just enough to freak her the hell out when, if he was going to go that far, he should have told her he was abused. That would have been frightening to a mother, yes, but it might have given her enough information to understand why he was afraid about finding himself in that uncomfortable position.

Bunch is afraid of what he might do, not what he will do, and that makes complete sense given his history. The whole situation is really upsetting, but I'm really glad they're approaching it as they are (so far). If they take away his struggle and he makes a move, I'll be disappointed in their decision to take the obvious approach when battling his internal demons is so much more interesting.

Can we just talk for a minute about how disgusting it was what happened when Kate visited the guy in prison? There's no way they'd allow that, unless he bought off a guard and paid for the right to do it. It's a lot more restrictive than they make it seem on TV. Hearing that he screwed that up was kind of the last stray for Ray.

After everything that happened, Ray needed some comfort. As odd as Steve Knight seems as a human being, he really does believe in what he shares with his masses. His message is sound and we knew it hit a cord with Ray when he started listening to a recording of Steve's book.

Steve's earnestness in his mission was clear as he looked at Ray and realized it wasn't a time for lighthearted banter. Ray wasn't there to screw Ashley, he needed to talk or just be heard -- even if he didn't plan on telling the truth. Kudos to Eion Bailey for knowing how to play that scene. The expressions on his face spoke volumes and they changed the way I view the character.

I'm so pleased with the way this season has progressed. I know we're heading back to the Ed Cochran bullshit as the next episode is titled "Volchek," but here's hoping that means Ray is properly channeling his fear and rage at his personal life by bringing Cochran down.

Was there something that stood out for you during Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 9? I've lost taste for all things Mickey and unless something remarkably interesting happens, I'm not going to bother talking about him. He's low-life scum without adding anything of interest to the story. Liev Schreiber as Ray continues to drive the drama and that's an amazing thing, isn't it?

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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Ray: Sweetheart, it doesn't work that way. You were stoned. They'll tear you apart in court. This is what I do for a living, Brig; these are the kinds of things I take care of. I need you to trust me. You understand?
Bridget: I think so.

[sobbing] His exploded and some blood got into my mouth. I tried to wash it out, it tasted like rust. I saw Cookie Brown shoot Re-Kon and Marvin begged for his life and he shot him right in front of me.