Reckless Round Table: Jamie Chose Preston!

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Arliss was missing, Dec made a bold move and Jamie's decision about her love life made us shake our heads on Reckless Season 1 Episode 10.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by fellow #RecklessAddicts Cheryl, Abby, and Travis "Reckless" Raydor as they debate whether or not Lee Anne was drugged, if Jamie was right to give Preston a second chance and what Terry will do next on Reckless.


Do you agree with Jamie's decision to give she and Preston another chance?  

Abby:  No way.  It is what I expected had Preston survived being shot, but I'm definitely on Team Roy.  It's only a matter of time before Jamie realizes she made the wrong choice.  

Cheryl:  No, not at all but I'm so Team Roy, so poor Preston stands no chance. Come on! After that tea party, come on!!

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  No. She has been feeling Roy and flirting with him in and out of court. She hints that she wants him and Roy takes his stand that he wants her! Preston hurt his chance with her when he was under her covers and didn't trust her enough to divulge he was undercover.

Christine:  Preston's a nice guy but come on!  Has flirting with Roy become so normal that Jamie's overlooking their incredible chemistry? And if she wasn't at least a little in love with him before, playing tea party with his girls certainly should have pushed her over the edge. 

Is Arliss dead or alive, or will we ever know for sure?  

Abby:  I think he died, but this show has been so unpredictable from week to week that it wouldn't surprise me if he were alive.

Cheryl:  I think he's still alive, probably watching what's unfolding, and what LeeAnne does....

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  I think he is alive! I firmly believe that he staged the scene to trap Terry & LeeAnne so he can have them let their guard down & catch them in the act. Meanwhile Terry is telling LeeAnne half truths and other deceptions about Arliss' accident in order to achieve his ultimate goal: Taking LeeAnne from Arliss.

Christine:  I would hope that a search team would have found more than just his dog tags if the gators had gotten to him but I guess you never know. I think he's alive because killing him off would make things too easy for Terry and Lee Anne.

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Do you believe that Lee Anne was drugged to make the sex tape?  

Abby:  I'm beginning to have doubts, especially after what Lee Anne said to Terry about them being stupid and taking chances they never should have taken, followed by Preston telling Jamie they didn't play the drinking game that night.

Cheryl:  That's a tough one, she's so adamant that she must have been drugged, but Preston, who would presumably be able to recognize someone in a drugged state, says she wasn't. But based on her reaction when Jaime said she'd seen the tape, I'll go with Lee Anne & say yes she was drugged.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  Yes. If Terry was the mastermind behind the sex tape, there is NO doubt in my mind that she was indeed drugged. Terry is a smooth talker- and he would do anything to get smooth LeeAnne all over his radar! 

Christine:  I don't know. I like Lee Anne but I think she can be just as deceitful as Terry under the right circumstances. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she weren't actually drugged.

How will Terry react to being suspended?  

Abby:  He's mad, but he'll probably still find ways to cause trouble during his suspension.

Cheryl:  I'd say not well, it seems that as messed up as Terry obviously is, he actually does take pride in being a cop. You'd think he'd stay away from illegal activity... Without that tether, I think he could be very dangerous & reckless.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  He'll react like the title of the show: Reckless! He thinks he always has the upper hand, when his hand is always on LeeAnne! He will act out and show his hand when he thinks no one is watching and that is when the Charleston PD shall strike! 

Christine:  He was way calmer about it than I expected, even showed some contrition when he spoke to Lee Anne. But being a cop is a huge part of Terry's identity and if he loses that permanently I think anything is possible. 

Does Dec have a chance at becoming the mayor of Charleston?  

Abby:  Yes.  He has the connections and his wife's money to back him, and he showed in this episode that he isn't afraid to play dirty and throw people under the bus to get what he wants.  

Cheryl:  He knows the game and is more than willing to play dirty, so yes.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  Yes, if he pays off and bribes city officials like any good politician. In my honest opinion, no because he is a liar, a cheat, a manipulator, and reckless. He has no candor. He is a pretender and NOT a contender. 

Christine:  Absolutely. There are elected officials in real life who have done far worse than get their mistress pregnant. Dec's a smart man and he's willing to do whatever is necessary to get what he wants. I think you're looking at Charleston's next mayor.

What was your favorite scene from Reckless Season 1 Episode 10?  

Abby:  Jamie and Vi confronting Terry about the hidden camera in their office.  It made me laugh out loud.  Terry is surprisingly multi-dimensional and becoming the character you love to hate.  

Cheryl:  I just LOVED the tea party scene with Roy, Jaime and his girls, I mean serious swoon, how could she possibly resist a man who puts on a funny hat & mustache for a tea party! Team Roy all the way!! (I think my ovaries may have exploded, haha) and his girls were so adorable.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  My favorite scene was when Jamie first came on the TV Show & was talking about the leaked sex tape and she asked the interviewer if there was anything she knew about it. That's my Jamie: headstrong, blunt, & fearless! 

Christine:  I agree Abby. Terry made me laugh during that scene too but my favorite was Jamie and Roy verbally sparring in the beginning. When he said how "talented" Nancy was and then she said she and Nancy were "friends with benefits." These two are so much fun together, even when they're just talking. Imagine how much more entertaining other things could be.

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Roy: I know you don't like her but you sure didn't hesitate to use her.
Jamie: Oh, it was mutually beneficial. You can say that Nancy and I are friends with benefits.

It's not my fault you're on the wrong side of right Raydor. Again.