Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

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Well, that was a ridiculously fast-paced premiere. 

Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 really didn't waste any time, did it?

If someone wanted you to summarize Scorpion in one sentence it would be this: The Big Bang Theory meets typical, dramatic CBS procedural. There's geniuses who can't relate to normal people, a pretty girl who translates for the nerds, and oh yeah, a procedural element. 

The Scorpion Team

There are some things about Scorpion that just don't work. The pacing, as previously mentioned, is a little ridiculous. There isn't time really spent slowly solving something. It's a time crunch. There are only so many hours, minutes, seconds that the team can get this crazy thing done. We get it. You want to build up suspense. Sadly, it doesn't work because it's more annoying than thrilling.

Another troublesome aspect is the jokes. Some of them just don't land at all. It is easy to tell where the writers meant for something to be funny, and then it is just awkward. Toby is the character who is the most guilty of this. 

The possible love interest could get weird. Okay, come on, you know there is going to be a relationship storyline happening somewhere. What is weird is that Paige is also being set up as the mom of the group. Yeah, are you sensing the weirdness yet? The writers will either have to back off on the mom thing or have a very slow build up between Paige and Walter. 

You cross me on this, I'll go online, and in less than an hour, I will erase you.


Right away the writers make it clear that Walter and Agent Gallo have a not so great history. Thankfully the writers don't make their past a mystery because it would have be one of the most boring mysteries ever. Instead, we get to watch Walter and Agent Gallo either attempt to be friends or just snicker with one another. As long as the arguing doesn't get annoying, watching these two guys butt heats could be fun.

The team is comprised of a variety of specialties, so if watching Walter do his computer thing isn't your thing, there are other options. Toby reads people. He can pick up a photo and figure out where someone would keep the LAX software. Happy can break you into any car. Sylvester rattles off numbers, showcasing his insane math skills while losing to Ralph in chess.

Sadly, some characters really don't get a chance to shine. Happy is the main one who comes to mind. Sure, she changes the lights to green and gets Walter into a Ferrari, but she is just assisting Walter. It isn't ever a big moment waiting to see if Happy can solve the problem. Since this is the pilot, it is forgivable, but it would be great to see Happy and everyone else get a taste of the spotlight.

One nice thing is that the writers establish the set up of future episodes. Walter and his team, which now includes Paige, are hired by Homeland Security. Some times one troublesome aspect when getting into a new show is trying to figure out the set up after the pilot. Uncertainty is never comforting. 

What did you think of the premiere? Will you be sticking around? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below and watch Scorpion online now.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

How can it be top secret if the guy who set up our wireless is working on it?


You cross me on this, I'll go online, and in less than an hour, I will erase you.