Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Single Point of Failure

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People can be bio-hacked? That is ridiculously terrifying.

In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1, we learn that Scorpion refers to Walter. In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2, Scorpion now refers to the entire team. We learn this during the voice over. Guess how the episode starts? That's right! "My name is Oliver Queen Walter O'Brien." When did the entire team decide to go by Scorpion?

There's another thing that everyone on Scorpion seems to share in common - computer skills. The show is marketed as a collection of geniuses with varying specialties. It's a little weird when everyone starts tracing IPs and cell phones. Yes, it shows the team working together instead of everyone just doing their own skills. Still, it would be nice to explain exactly what computer skills that everyone has. 

Just because someone is smart, doesn't mean that they are skilled in everything. We all have subjects we are good at in school, and ones that we wish we would never have to deal with again (Math. It's the devil). It makes sense that geniuses have a better aptitude for learning things, but having everyone skilled at computer work is a little much.

Toby really gets a chance to shine in this episode. He reads people well, and the writers show that his skills are more than just picking out who is lying in a dark den of hackers. Do any hackers hang out in well lit places? It is great to see how versatile Toby is. He is the one who has gotten the most development, skill wise.

Paige is sort of useful in this episode. She makes sure everyone is eating, and she handles the public relations part. There needs to be more. Paige isn't really interesting. She is just sort of there. The writers need to figure out a better way to incorporate her into the mix other than have her "translate the world" and learn new things about her son in every episode.

Alright, hide the mugs. I'm coming down.


The writers manage to spread the comic relief among everyone. There is not just one person whose only purpose seems to be humor. Well, Sylvester seems to fit that bill during this episode. He just freaks out constantly. It would be great to give him a more serious moment. Having him donate his paycheck to a church is a start.

Everyone is thinking about the past in this episode - seriously, everyone. Sadly, not everyone gets a flashback. The writers are trying to develop their characters more, which is definitely a good thing. Instead of throwing in a bunch of character moments in one episode, maybe only focus on one or two.

Happy gives a maybe two minute talk about her father. It's not enough. Are we intrigued? Yes. We would still be intrigued if this carried across an entire episode like Walter's storyline about his sister does. 

Both Walter and Agent Gallo are familiar with family members being sick. This news shifts how Agent Gallo is seen. He is never really unlikable, but this news makes him appear a little more human.

Walter's sister having MS does not really change the perception of Walter though. He is just angrier in this episode. The flashback is the most powerful tool. It makes you feel sorry for what Walter went through in school, and it's nearly impossible not to instantly like his sister. She's awesome.

Oh, right! There is a case in this episode.

Here is what is fun about the case:

1. Sylvester freaking out about diseases.

2. Toby doing his thing at various points during the case.

Yeah, nothing else is all that interesting. Bio-hacking people is still really scary, but other than that, there isn't a compelling aspect. There's not even a doubt that this will happen. It lacked thrill and suspense. This is the sort of case that is just there. 

What did you think of Scorpion tonight? Does anyone else think that Walter saying, "I can fix you," to his sister makes him seem like a jerk? Fix does not mean the same thing as cure. Remember, you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TVFanatic!

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Single Point of Failure Review

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Alright, hide the mugs. I'm coming down.


You'll have to forgive Mr. O'Brien. He is a genius but impolitic.

Agent Gallo