Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Is Brooks a Lost Cause?

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We're here with the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 1 Round Table! This week, we're focusing on what it feels like for the series be back, along with favorite moments and theories for the season.

Join staff writers Jim Garner, Stacy Glanzman, Whitney Evans and Carissa Pavlica when by posiingt your own answers in the Comments section and scroll down for our take on the season opener...


What scene made you the happiest that Sleepy Hollow was back, baby!

Jim: I loved the fight scene where Abby had consecrated bullets and Ichabod had holy arrows. While it wasn't technically not real, I really hope they are able to bring the fight to the horsemen like that going forward. Was nice to see them on the "kicking some butt" side of the fight for a change.

Stacy: The opening sequence! I knew it couldn't be real since Abby was in Purgatory and Ichabod was buried in the coffin, but I was still trying to figure out who's head we were in, or if we were in both of their heads and they were communicating with each other. I also loved that it was a really long time before the first commercial break.

Whitney: I have to agree with Stacy, everything about the opening sequence was brilliant. I knew it was too good to be true, but that didn't stop me from squealing like a little girl when Abbie flipped on the lights holding that cupcake. These two have chemistry for days and it was on full display in those first 20 minutes.

Carissa: For me it was when Abbie knew Ichabod from his Leftenant pronunciation. They're so connected.

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Favorite Ichabodism?

Jim: The birthday cupcake - all of it. Almost every word he said during that part had me rolling.

Stacy: I was laughing at the scene when he's recording his final thoughts to Abby on the cell phone and realizes none of it recorded. I was a little impressed that he figured out how to record on it in the first place. Not being able to put the ambulance in reverse was funny too. It was nice getting some Ichabod/Jenny screen time.

Whitney: Leftenant will never get old and it came in handy tonight. I also loved his cavalier attitude about being Benjamin Franklin's apprentice and being with him the night he flew the kite in the storm. But then again, I guess to Crane that was probably a pretty tame night.

Carissa: Definitely when he was recording his message. That's my guy!

What did you think of Henry's new suit and how will it change things going forward?

Jim: While it is a cool looking new suit, I'm more worried about the sword that is spouting flames. That clearly is not a good sign for the home team.

Stacy: I agree with Jim that it was a cool looking suit, but I didn't really put much thought into its importance.

Whitney: That suit was freaky and I think Abbie and Crane will have a hard time defeating him. And that sword of fire looks pretty serious.

Carissa: He can maneuver it with his soul. His soul! Fire schmire. That's his soul. Freaky!

Do you think Brooks will make it out of Purgatory to fight or is he a lost cause?

Jim: Here is the trick to that question, he is _already_ lost. The question should be can he redeem himself enough to regain his soul and help the side of the light. And for that I can only hope the answer is "yes".

Stacy: I think he'll make it back. His character has unfinished business. Plus I love John Cho and do not have high hopes for Selfie, so part of my answer is my own wishful thinking.

Whitney: They've really put Brooks through the ringer, but I don't think the show is quite done with him yet. His creepy love of Abbie will always keep him searching for the light and I hope he is able to find it. Plus, let's be serious, John Cho is like butter, he makes everything better.

Carissa: I like to think he's got a chance. He'd be an amazing ally back out in the world given all he has seen, but he'd also be a constant target. He's probably safer in Purgatory!

What are you most looking forward to this season? Theories?

Jim: I'm really looking forward to the point with Abby, Jenny, Ichabod, and Katrina are together and able to work together. It will be fun to see Ichabod's reaction as Katrina starts her learning curve of the 21st century.

Stacy: We still have two more horsemen to eventually be introduced to, right? I don't know if that will happen this season, but at least we get a few more episodes this season than we did last year. I don't necessarily "ship" Ichabod and Abby, but they do have great chemistry working together, so it'll be interesting to see if their dynamic changes with Katrina joining the mix. Possible jealousy from either of them?

Whitney: I may be the biggest Ichabbie shipper in the world, so my one real hope is for many more fist bumps, adorable smiles, bad ass fight sequences and slightly too long hugs. I also hope we get Frank back and he joins the team. They can use all the help they can get.

Carissa: I can't wait to see the dynamic with Katrina when she arrives and even more the addition of Matt Barr as a bounty hunter with romantic notions on Abbie. That should really up the ante in the Ichabbie friendship.

Don't forget, you can always watch Sleepy Hollow online if you missed the episode!

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