Sons of Anarchy Round Table: Is Gemma Insane?

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Juice made one last plea to get back into the club, Gemma had another conversation with Tara and the new Sheriff made her presence known in on the Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3.

Below, TV Fanatics Leigh Raines and Christine Orlando teamed up with Leah from to decide if there's hope for Nero, if Gemma is losing her mind and whether or not they'd like to see a Chibs / Jarry hook up after Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3. 


Did Chibs mean it when he told Juice to kill himself?

Leigh: I don't think Chibs meant it so much in an angry, hateful "go kill yourself" kind of way. I think it was more like "you are screwed, there is no way out, what Jax will do to you is going to be so much worse." 

Leah:  I think Chibs WANTS to mean it. He's had it with Juice being weak. But at the same time, Juice is special to Chibs. I think we have always seen that connection. I don't think there will ever be any forgiveness from Chibs so he just wants Juice gone. Not dead, just far away, never to return. He essentially said that when he told Unser he knew Juice was lost. Juice is nothing but a liability at this point.

Amanda: I have to agree with Leigh on this one. I think Chibs meant it in a "you are screwed" way. Whether Unser was being serious or not when he said he's lost, I think Chibs was serious in saying he knew he had to go. In this show that means that Juice and the Reaper already have a schedule appointment. 

Carla: I don't think Chibs really wanted Juice to kill himself, but it was his way of expressing his utter disappointment in someone he trusted. I took it also as call back to when Juice tried to kill himself and failed. That was the beginning of Juice's betrayal and it only got worse from there. As far as Chibs and the club is concerned, Juice is already dead, so he might as well do it himself.

Christine: Chibs has always cared about Juice but he knows he's a dead man if he stays in Charming. Chibs will always be loyal to the club first. I think telling Juice to kill himself was his way of making sure Juice knew there was no hope for him here and his only option was to run and not look back. 

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Gemma told dead Tara that EVERYTHING happened the way it was suppose to. Is she insane?

Leigh: Gemma is so off her rocker it's not even funny. She is living with that guilt of her psychotic moment everyday. I said it before, I think it will only get worse. 

Leah: She is definitely losing a bit of her sanity. I'm not too sure if I would qualify her as insane quite yet. I think she is really in the process of trying to convince herself that everything did happen the way it was supposed to so that she can justify everything that is going on. This is her way of grieving. You could see the shock and almost pain in her face when she saw the pictures from Tara's murder scene. She can't break down right now. It's her job to stay strong for everyone, especially Jax. So I think these conversations with Tara are to actually keep Gemma sane and to help her deal and come to terms with the mess that she, herself, created.

Amanda: If by that you mean insane with guilt then yes. But I also love to hate this character and just don't mind seeing her going off her rocker. I have to agree with Leigh on this one again that I think it will only get worse. I am actually most excited for Gemma's character this season because that is gonna be some dramatic television!

Carla: Gemma IS sane and that's why she's talking to Tara. It's the only way she can make sense of the world she lives in now. She's trying to justify what happened to herself and find forgiveness. If she actually SAW Tara, I'd worry about her sanity. What we are seeing is the smart woman working through the horror she committed.

Christine: Gemma's ability to justify the violence and the horror of this life never ceases to amaze me. At this point she and Jax are both sociopaths. No one else's lives mean anything to them as long as it gets them what they want. Gemma wants to believe that she did the right thing for Jax and the boys when she killed Tara but the truth is in their somewhere and it will continue to eat away at her. I can't imagine what will be left of her by the end of the season. 

Do you want to see Sheriff Jarry and Chibs hook up?

Leigh: Uh yeah! I love Chibs. He deserves some action! I like her too. She isn't fooling herself about how Charming operates. 

Leah: Yes!!!!

Amanda: I wouldn't mind seeing these two together. Although they really only interacted to drive profits up and increase their personal bottom lines I thought there was chemistry! She was definitely putting the moves on him, but whether it was real flirting or she has a different agenda is unclear. She hinted she likes bad boys so maybe it's real! I also have to say that I have a bias for Annabeth Gish after being in the X-files for the final two seasons. Love to see her in another strong roll!

Carla: Yes, please! Chibs could use some loving and they had hot chemistry. Everything is falling apart, but perhaps Chibs can find someone to be with when the club collapses.

Christine: Definitely but I do wonder if the Sheriff is exactly what she appears to be or if she is working undercover to bring the club down. 

How much do you think Abel knows about what his Daddy does?

Leigh: As someone who is around kids that age quite often, Abel seems extremely quiet but also observational. He definitely knows something is going on. I mean he hangs out in a brothel, what can we expect! The things he sees...

Leah: Kids are very intuitive. I definitely don't think Abel knows details of what his daddy does but I do think he knows that he does bad things. There has to be something in him that knows the type of man Jax has become in order for him to have asked that question in the first place.

Amanda: I think that even Abel can connect the dots between fighting, blood on peoples faces and Gemma calling it bad. Kids learn things by association and observation. He also did get into Charming's Ivy League preschool.

Carla: The look on Abel's face when he saw the attack was frightening. It immediately brought back the image of the kid who shot up the school in last season's premiere. Abel appears to be a quiet and good kid, but I suspect there's a darkness underneath the surface. I fear for him and his future.

Christine: As a parent, I know that kids often are aware of more than we think they are. I can't even imagine the things that Abel has seen or how a young child's brain would process it but there's no doubt it will come back to haunt everyone eventually. And I agree Carla, the look on Abel's face scared me. 

Now that Nero's back in, will he ever find his way out of the life?

Leigh: Yes, I think Nero's faith and attitude will always help him find his way back. But then again his face during the shootout might say otherwise. I hope he can get out, I really do. Then we saw him back at Gemma's holding his cross and looking stressed. I have faith in him. 

Leah: I'm torn. I'd like to say yes because it's clear that Nero does not like the dirty work of it all. He is truly a good man. We know his end game was to get out but he told Jax a bit ago that he could have gotten out years ago but he couldn't pull himself away. So with that being said, this is a lifestyle for men like them. There is no getting out. Jax wanted to get out and we saw how that turned out. So now , I think Jax has brought Nero to the point of no return. So no, ultimately, I don't see him finding his way out.

Amanda: Nero has a strong enough head on his shoulders that I think he would be able to find his way out. Whether circumstances permit that is another story. He didn't want to go this time but he was bullied into it. At the pace that Jax has the sons moving at is any indication then I think there is going to be a lot more work for Nero to do and lot for situations he is going to become tangled up in. 

Carla: I'm not sure. At the pace he's going right now, it's more a question of whether he can get out of this life alive. He's being kept in the dark by Jax and that's a dangerous place to be. Will he be caught in the crossfire? Probably. Unless of course, he does find a way out....

Christine: Seeing Nero with that gun in his hands really depressed me. Perhaps it was inevitable. This isn't a life you can be in half way. If I had to pick one character I'd like to see get out, it's Nero but I can't say I'm optimistic. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Leigh: Honestly when Jarry first met the guys, she was all business and I admired the way she handled things. But truly it was her hitting on Chibs on the way out that made me smile. 

Leah: Hands down- the scene with Sheriff Jarry and Chibs. I was smiling the whole time like a kid on Christmas morning.

Amanda: My favorite scene was when Bobby called Jury to get some info on those guys they killed. Shouldn't they have done this before?? It was a tense phone call for Jury and I think it left Bobby clueless. I was pretty nervous the whole time though and had still have no idea what Jury is thinking. Is he going to take this sitting down for fear of Jax and loyalty to the club or retaliate somehow??

Carla: There's so much darkness for the club and those around the club, so I enjoyed the few moments of love we saw. Ratboy getting some was awesome. Everyone deserves love!

Christine: I hate to make it unanimous but definitely Sheriff Jarry making it clear to the club that she wants a profitable relationship and then her openly flirting with Chibs. It was a great surprise and I definitely want to see more. 

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