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Jax continued to play all of the rival gangs off of one another in order to get his revenge against the Chinese in Sons of Anarchy  Season 7 Episode 3.

When one of the escorts father gets rough, Gemma tries to step in but ends up getting hit. Abel walks in as Nero beats the man who hurt Gemma. Later Abel asks his if his Daddy is does bad things.

Unser offers to help Juice get out of town but Juice wants one more shot to get back into the club. Unser arranges a meet with Chibs who tells Juice the only way to find redemption is to kill himself. Unser, Gemma, and Wendy then work to get Juice out of town.

Elsewhere, Sheriff Jarry has an interesting proposition for Chibs and the club.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

You had me bound and gagged in a bathtub son. I think I would have already dropped a dime on you if that's what I wanted.


Just keep your claws out of your pants and on the wheel and I'll be happy.