Supernatural Season 10 Promo: Creating the Perfect Hell

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Think of  it. The King of Hell. Dean Winchester at his side. Together we create the perfect hell. 

Demon Dean Winchester is like regular Dean, but on steroids. 

With the demon inside him, Dean takes everything he's always loved and kicks it into overdrive - drinking, porn, strippers - with a hint of enhanced violent tendencies. Hey, he got a little of the blood lust dealing with that damn First Blade!

I wish seeing Dean in this state brought terror to mind, but it brings so much more instead. Who hasn't loved Dean's dirty little habits? Perhaps it is Dean talking to his brother (with a bit of demon influence, sure) when he says maybe he doesn't want to be fixed.

When Sammy was drinking blood and being demon-y he didn't have the fun component wrapped up. He was more of a Seattle demon. Dean's a Hollywood demon -- ain't nothin' but a good time!

Talk about excitement for Supernatural Season 10. Whew! Bring. It. On!!!

Watch the clip and drop by for a full rundown of the Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1 after it airs on Tuesday, October 7 at 9/8c.

If you're feeling the pain of a month void of Winchesters, watch Supernatural online and smile.

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