Teen Wolf Season Finale Review: Evolution

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Did the Teen Wolf Season 4 finale wrap things up and make us feel all warm inside?

That's debatable, but Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12 offered an evolution of characters and story to carry us into the next summer. Everything wasn't answered, but as the installment essentially brought the season full circle, that isn't a bad thing.

For now, we've seen the end of the Argent family. Given Allison's death, it makes sense that they would be distanced from Scott and his new pack and new love.

For a while there, it seemed like both Argent and Kate might meet their deaths but they've lived on to see another day on the series - maybe. They aren't needed on the series, and as much as Argent is loved, Kate is not. I won't miss the Caliveras and hope Mexico isn't revisited any time soon.

Unfortunately, we didn't learn the identity of Malia's mom, AKA The Desert Wolf, so it won't be surprising if we go back. Since Peter is locked up in Eichen House with the third eyeball man (another WTF is he and we'll solve it another day loose end), it would make sense if Malia ramps up the search for her mom, but she also seemed pretty comfortable with her new family - the Stilinskis.

That it all came down to Peter's desire for power and that he really thought Scott's pack wouldn't be able to eventually recognize him was sad. The way he kept pushing the necessity to kill was kind of obvious. His fighting skills were pathetic and his rationale equally so.

Here are some things we learned in the finale:

  • Derek evolved into a black wolf so that he can be important without being an Alpha. (I was unaware they couldn't turn into full wolves, I just thought they chose not to...) I guess it's pretty cool, then, that Malia can be a full coyote.
  • Kira learned to heal herself and got her first tail, made out of the obsidian in the temple. We don't want bad guys to get that tail!
  • Scott got his groove back and handily defeated Peter without even breathing hard. He also remained kill-free.
  • Liam is the new Stiles. While Stiles used to be relegated to saying silly or stupid things, now it's in Liam's capable hands. And that's as it should be. He's a freshman, after all.
  • Being a Banshee sucks for reasons other than predicting people will die. Lydia's always separated from her gang now. That needs to stop.
  • Lydia has a book of beasties and promised to help Parrish (who had the most incredible look on his face, right?!) discover what type he was. We swooned and hoped for more of that action.
  • Argent and Parrish working together will be missed. When they showed up to the party, cheering ensued. Anyone else?

As a whole, the season felt like a breath between Teen Wolf Season 3 and Teen Wolf Season 5. Nothing major really happened that couldn't have happened in a couple of episodes. After a tremendous build up to the Benefactor story, it ended with a dull thud that hardly left viewers caring about how it played out once it was done. It never requires another mention (much like the Alphas story, with the exception of Ducalion, who was cool).

It was a season of loose ends, some that were tied up and some that are left dangling. It did successfully close out the past by incorporating new characters who have taken up the spaces left by those we lost previously. They aren't as well-loved as the others, but they weren't given the material necessary to earn that right. It needs more time.

Without a cliffhanger, there is a completely new road ahead. It's no longer necessary to rely on the past to propel the story forward. Characters have evolved and so has the series. It's sad to say goodbye to what was, but it's also impossible not to anticipate a new direction with excitement.

The building blocks are in place. Are you ready for what's next?

If you'd prefer to relive the past, you can watch Teen Wolf online. The rest of us will wait for you to get back!

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Stiles: I need to be back there with Liam and Derek. I have some experience with out of control teen wolves. Are you going to be OK riding with Peter?
Malia: He is my father.

Stiles: We would have to freeze you in carbonite to get you down there.
Liam: OK, then where do we get carbonite?
Stiles: Seriously? You haven't seen any either?