Teen Wolf: Watch Season 4 Episode 11 Online

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On Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 11, Malia got an F on a math test, profoundly disappointing Coach.

Also disappointing was Liam's need for Scott but Scott's inability to show up for the lacrosse game to help his new Beta.

Liam was having a heck of a time, seeing Beserkers everywhere. His friend Mason was supportive but it wasn't making much of a difference.

Deaton was lost, Argent was stuck and Scott and Kira's first date was interrupted in a hella bad way. 

What to find out why Liam's worst nightmare could be coming true at any moment? Watch Teen Wolf online now!

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

If I'm going to watch an entire lacrosse game, you better not suck.


Deaton: I need to know what she did to Derek Hale, and if he's dying.
Dr Valek: Why?
Deaton: Because of a promise I made to a woman I loved.