The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Premiere Photos: Lost Pants and Missing Hair

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Sheldon got on the train!

When we last saw Sheldon he was getting ready to leave town after finding out that Leonard and Penny were engaged. Would he actually get on the train? Or would he just sit on the bench until he was ready to go back home?

He actually took off. The premiere photos reveal a couple of the stops on his adventure. Though, all good things must come to an awkward end when they involve Sheldon Cooper, right?

He loses his pants! And, guess who comes to save him? Yep! Of course, it's Leonard and Amy.

Perhaps, Penny would have joined in the road trip to get Sheldon, but she had a job interview. Is she giving up acting? That's unclear, but she did give up her long hair. Check out Penny's new short do!

Meanwhile, Stuart is still helping Mrs. Wolowitz during her recovery. Howard's not thrilled about the growing relationship between Stuart and his patient. Will he ruin a good thing? It is Howard, we're talking about.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 premiere looks to be full of new beginnings for the group. Let's hope they are happy and full of laughs.

Check out the official photos from The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 1 below!

As always, you can watch The Big Bang Theory online anytime; plus, for a laugh, check out our The Big Bang Theory quotes section.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Now, typically I wear pajamas, but I recently adopted a hobo lifestyle and pajamas are the sleep-pants of the Man. I'll have you know, Mahatma Gandhi wore no pants and a nation rallied behind him!


Excuse me. Is it at all possible that you're knitting a pair of pants?