The Flash Books Dominic Purcell, Reunites Prison Break Siblings

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There's gonna be a Prison Break on The Flash!

Sort of.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dominic Purcell has been cast as Mick Rory, a villain who teams up with Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), as an avenue to utilize his skills as a pyromaniac. He'll eventually grow into the evil Heat Wave (cue the Heat Miser/Snow Miser song here!).

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Purcell formerly played Lincoln Burrows on Prison Break, brother to Miller's Michael Scofield. The series ended in 2009 and the two haven't been on screen together since. Apparently we aren't the only ones who missed this formidable duo!

As previously reported, Miller's Captain Cold will premiere in the fourth episode, with Purcell's Heat Wave joining him on screen for The Flash's tenth episode. DC Comics canon shows Heat Wave as a member of the Rogues, a league Captain Cold heads up.

Last season on Arrow, Robert Knepper (Prison Break's T-Bag) wreaked havoc as The Clock King, a role he'll be reprising on The Flash this fall. There is no word whether Prison Break's other alum, Peter Stormare (Arrow's new Count Vertigo), will be crossing over to The Flash.

This announcement follows other guest stars such as Robbie Amell's visit as half of Firestorm and Clancy Brown as General Wade Eiling

Are you getting even more excited for the premiere of The Flash? Is that even possible?!

The Flash premieres on The CW on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c.

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