The Mysteries of Laura Review: A Preschool For Criminals

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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 1, we are introduced to the character of Laura in a lovely way, learning quickly that she's not a woman to mess with!.

As with any new series, you always question the chemistry between actors, but the chemistry between Laura and her partner Bill is fantastic. I think we can all agree it's nice to see a female have a friendly working relationship with a male with no romance in sight, can't we?

Laura Fights Crime - The Mysteries of Laura

Speaking of romance, it is interesting that they made a point in saying that Laura's husband, Jake, has yet to sign the divorce papers. It's clear that the writers are heading for some interesting developments with these two, especially now that he is her Captain on the force.

The scene that may have some parents talking is when Laura gives her rambunctious twin boys cough medicine so they'll calm down before a preschool interview. We understand why she is doing this - the boys are clearly misbehaved - but when her soon to be ex is around, he lets them get away with murder.

We see the contrast between both parents and understand quickly that Laura is the hardass mom and Jake is the fun dad. It's kind of a stereotype, but think there will be development down the road. 

While some may say Laura is a questionable parent, you have to laugh at the fact that she is willing to blackmail her kids into preschool. Arguably one of the funniest scenes was Laura confronting the gym teacher and threatening to arrest her... only to ask for an interview for her kid's possible enrollment instead.

Only in NYC!

I was a little nervous about the main story in the premiere being a murder mystery, with the wife as the main suspect. The twist ending of having Captain Howser be the culprit was a welcomed change to this kind of typical story, though. It will be interesting to see how Laura handles being betrayed by her mentor.

You were determined to get revenge and you did.


The series opener was great, filled with the appropriate amount of laughs and drama. The twist at the end should get people talking and interested in watching the upcoming episodes.

What did you think of the premiere? What do you hope to see this season and what do you think about Jake taking over the captain position? Hit the comments!

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