The Strain Teaser: Someone's Missing

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After last week's convenience store attack and losing Jim to the virus, Eph decides that protecting his family is a priority on The Strain Season 1 Episode 9.

Unfortunately, he learns that Kelly is missing. Has she been taken by The Master? If so, to what end?

When last we saw Gus he was locked up in a jail cell with his pal Felix who was infected. If Eph thought he had a tough decision to make with Jim, imagine when Gus realizes he will have to "release" his best friend.

Dutch is sticking with the gang for now, but revealing her role in Palmer’s twisted plan won't be easy. Jim was the link to the Stoneheart Group before, is Dutch now the only person that can lead Setrakian to Eicchorst and The Master?

Speaking of Eichhorst, ready to flashback to the moment he became a strigoi?

Watch The Strain online to catch up and check out the FX teaser below to see what's ahead on Sunday:

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The Strain Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Setrakian: Who was that?
Eph: My Ex-wife's boyfriend.
Fet: Not anymore.

Fet: I have feelings.
Setrakian: Leave the feeling to others.