The Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: Bringing Back the Fun

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Gratuitous bathing bodies alert!

It's not all that often we get to see vampires frolicking in the water, but when Elena decides to bring back some fun into their lives in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3, her plans include the swimming hole.

We're treated to swimming, drinking, hot bodies and the return of Stefan!

That's right, Stefan returns to Mystic Falls looking for Enzo and what he sees startles him -- a strange change in his ex. Elena's plans for the fun in the sun came with the hope of introducing Caroline and Liam. What change does Stefan notice? Does it have something to do with her human blood consumption?

Caroline and Stefan sure look serious when they later talk in the woods under the cover of darkness. Hmmm.

All is not well at the shindig, as Enzo's actions at the lake cause Matt to reveal something rather startling and Jeremy learns that the anti-magic spell surrounding Mystic Falls may put Elena's life in danger.  

Elsewhere, Tyler is still trying to control his anger issues and gets an unexpected confession from Liv when he asks her for a favor. 

Despite all of those worrisome developments, we'll still get to suck in the beauty that belongs to the supernaturals and their friends as they expose themselves for our benefit. Wheee!

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Cut him some slack. He lost his brother. Granted said brother was a soulless homicidal maniac, but still.

Elena [about Stefan]

You hired a vampire. Next time do a background check.


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