Under the Dome Review: Whoopsy Daisy!

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Well, well, well. Way to go Big Jim! 

In his confusion to rescue his family in Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 10, Jim ruined everything. As he does. 

But before that happened, there was an interesting revelation. 

The Shocking Truth - Under the Dome

Most of the hour was dedicated to happiness at the return of the weary travelers from Zenith. Jim was especially happy to see Pauline, but he was also unaware that Pauline was only acting as if she was still into him to ensure they could get Junior out of the dome.

Julia was concerned about life outside the dome and what it might mean to her and Barbie. C'mon lady! You're madly in love after two weeks, you're going to have to take a giant leap. Pun intended!

It was good to see Angie again. Has her hair changed or was that just me? She was appearing as Junior's conscience and prevented him from doing bad things. That seems like a good thing, right?

Rebecca discovered that their microenvironment is collapsing again and it's turning early to fall and seems to be going full speed ahead to winter, if you want to know the truth. Since Lyle is lost between the cracks of Zenith and the dome, do you think that's what was causing the disturbance (or do you think perhaps he couldn't swim, got his foot stuck...)?

The best part of the hour was the discovery that Melanie is Barbie's older sister. The dome and the egg definitely tie back to their family in a big way. Barbie realized why he had seen her before when he came back into the dome -- it put the memory into his brain or something. 

Imagine what you could learn just going in and out of that thing! Fascinating.

It really didn't take much to get everyone on board with leaving the dome, but Jim had to have his way by suggesting he go first and broker a great deal for everyone. I suppose Barbie and Julia thought it was a sound plan just to keep the men in black from nabbing her.

Just after the group starts to rally the troops for their cliff diving expedition, things went terribly wrong.

I've never taken Jim for an idiot. He's many things -- dangerous, overconfident, a pain in the ass -- but he never seemed stupid. The egg, however, must have played him.

I don't recall Jim making any specific plans with the government for getting his family out, but since Barbie and friends came back in (relatively) the way they went out, wouldn't you think maybe you shouldn't mess with things? The lovers had the perfect plan. If they would have stuck with it, everyone could have jumped.

Instead Jim got his hands on the egg and thrust it over the edge. He seriously thought, given the quake, that the ledge was going to be there when he got back with Pauline and Junior? Come on! Jim's a bad egg.

Well, the ledge is sealed now. The good news is we have Pauline as a full time resident (sans visions) and Hunter is along for the ride. Let's be honest, he's hot. I like Hunter. Good egg!

What do you think the odds are that Melanie will survive now that the egg is gone? it seems likely to me that she'll be kind of sent back to whence she came. She only appeared because the egg was tossed into the lake and her -- I don't know, spirit? -- knew it and was entrusted to deliver the egg back inside the dome.

The egg is a power source of some sort. I'm banking on the outside world needing it for whatever big thing Barbie's dad was working on. Perhaps they won't know how to handle it and will try to send someone in with it again. Do you think the egg will cause trouble after being freed?

With three episodes left, what do you want to happen? We haven't received any word on a renewal, so it could be the last we see of Under the Dome. What would be a respectable ending, even if nothing is tied up?

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