Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Go Now

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It's easy to go crazy on a season finale. It's almost expected and sometimes warranted.

What happened on Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 13, however, didn't add up to enough in the scope of things. Especially since CBS still hasn't bothered to give us a hint about renewal.

One one end, there was a surprise. On another, no surprise at all. So let's take a look.

A Possible Escape - Under the Dome

When Dean Norris hit The Talk on CBS today, I knew we were in for some Big Jim action. He didn't just pull out the stops on action, he became a cold blooded murderer in honor of Pauline. But, hey, it was in the name of love and he did give the dome three whole seconds to respond to his request to tell him to act on the contrary. 

How did Pauline die, you ask? She was gravely injured. She was in horrible pain and had seen her death in a vision after she was stabbed. She also saw that Julia was indeed chosen by the dome, along with a man whose face was obscured from her view. Is it any surprise she didn't see her husband in that vision?

Pauline begged Rebecca to help her. Poor Rebecca, who just in the final episodes stopped being a major pain in the arse, complied. That went over like a lead balloon with ole Big Jim. A few hammer swipes to the head later and Rebecca was noting but bloody meat on the ground.

Pauline was so proud of Junior and she'd be even more so now.

Sam: We gotta find your dad. He's gone crazy. We need to talk him down.
Junior: Why would I do that? There's no talking to him, there's only dealing with him.

Junior has grown into a respectable man and character as Under the Dome progressed. He had some really hairy moments when the dome came down and he was a tad confused about Angie, but he's far more his mother's son than Jim's. If he was Jim's he would have shot to kill instead of leaving dear old dad with a mere shoulder injury.

Payback is a bitch, they say, and Jim said something about it too, but his reference was lunacy. Somehow he blamed all of the dome heroes for Pauline's death. The payback I'm referring to is Andrea. She spent so much time licking the soles of Jim's shoes, never trusting Julia and Barbie without getting Jim's input. Well. That didn't earn her any bonus points, did it?

So the town is on their way out of the dome/caves and into ... what? Where in the hell did Melanie come from? Are they under the lake? She was soaking wet, but the white background seemed a lot more like an afterlife than it did an underwater passageway. 

Seriously, how funny would it be if they lead everyone to their deaths? The butterflies fled because they could smell some noxious fumes that the the residents of Chester's Mill couldn't and they all died down there, leaving only Julia, Junior and Big Jim to follow. That would certainly put a swing into another season.

There is absolutely no chance for redemption for Big Jim, of that I'm sure. He killed Lyle (who deserved it), Rebecca who didn't and Andrea who did only to get rid of her sorry character. She could have just as easily been lost crossing the crack in the caves a la Earthquake or The Towering Inferno and caused as much excitement. But no, Jim did it for us. Tsk tsk.

I'm not sure the finale really did much to help the series overall. I don't think Barbie was who Pauline couldn't see in her vision, Jim isn't dead, nobody is outside the dome or safe within it. There is certainly more story to tell (more than we ended with on Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 13) but I'll leave it up to you. 

What did you think about the finale? Did you enjoy the trek into the caves or Jim going bonkers more? Hit the comments, sound it out and hope for renewal. In the meantime, you can always watch Under the Dome online via TV Fanatic to feed your theories!

Feel free to return to your regular fall programming.

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Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Rebecca: If the crater's the way out, we'll take you.
Pauline: No. The dome's done with me. I saw my own death.

Sam: We gotta find your dad. He's gone crazy. We need to talk him down.
Junior: Why would I do that? There's no talking to him, there's only dealing with him.