Z Nation Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Fracking Zombies

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I'll be honest, when Z Nation Season 1 Episode 2 ended I felt frustrated that our survivors went though all that madness for nothing.

Everyone risked their lives, the damn fuel truck blew to smithereens and what do they have to show for it? Zip, zilch, nada!

On a positive note, Citizen Z made a new friend up in the Arctic. He also managed to get in touch with Garnett and company to make sure the "package" was still breathing.

This week we get the first hint our weary band of survivors might be headed nowhere fast.

Citizen Z makes contact with the CDC lab at Mount Wilson and learns its been overrun by Z's. He helps Dr. Hastings escape by overloading the network, but at the expense of her research. Did you notice Murphy's name flash across the screen as the files were being deleted? Would Hastings seriously not have a backup somewhere?

To me, the scene on the bridge perfectly captures the spirit of Z Nation. Was Roberta having a blast smashing and running over those Z's or what? Fun times people and in essence the reason I'm digging this show.

It was just a matter of time before our road warriors ran out of gas, why not address the issue early right? First, they had to scrape the Zombie nastiness from behind the tire, pose defensively as a couple of mysterious bikers rode past and say goodbye to New York.

Citizen Z was going slightly mad not being able to reach another living soul. Then suddenly he spots a dog sled. What?!? That's right dude, grab that gun (smartest thing he did all episode).

Of course, our lonely hero heads outside and discovers the driver's frozen stiff and he hears a dog whimpering. From here on out Citizen Z spends the rest the installment running around chasing a Z-Pooch (this week's zombie baby)... Wonder what we'll see next Z-Bear? Z-Horse?

At a shopping mall the group looks for gas in the parked cars, no luck they've been drained to the last drop. Addy continues to document in the name of preserving a historical record, and Murphy mocks her.

To us it's the apocalypse, to her it's the memories.


Doc spent a lot of time bonding with the new guys this week. First, the young sniper tells the old man his name is ten thousand. That's how many Z's he plans to kill. The kid once again saves Doc's life. It's like he's got his own guardian angel. Later on, it's Murphy's turn to get to know Doc (who as it turns out is more of an amateur pharmacologist).

Soon our guys come across one of those bikers from earlier. The dude claims the other rider took his bike and split. Sure buddy, we all believe that one. Either way, he knows where they can fuel up and it better be quick since there's a hoard approaching.

Cassandra had recognized the bikers and wasn't pleased they picked up this particular stray.

When they pull up to the Jersey Devil Refinery we quickly learn it's been overrun. Murphy delivers one of his typical one-liners...

That's not a refinery, that's a zombie factory!


That's right, the creatures are everywhere and 10k utters the episode's name "Fracking Zombies."

Apparently the Z's are attracted to a loud clanging noise from atop the structure. Cassandra's got a music box that will easily counter that loud ass noise that can be heard all the way over in Michigan Ha! I'm kidding but it did seem silly at first no?

So the plan is Mack and Addy stop the banging sound, Cassandra and the sketchy dude find a way to amplify the music box while Garnett and Warren refuel an abandoned gasoline truck. It should provide plenty of fuel for the trip to Cali right? Not so much, I knew it was too good to be true.

In order to keep the valuable Murphy out of harm's way, Garnett asks Doc to take the sourpuss a safe distance away.

I was surprised how easily both Mack/Addy and Cassandra/Travis slipped past all those zombies. The Z's were distracted by the clanging noise, yeah that's the ticket.

We learn Mack still doesn't believe Murphy's story but Addy tells him at least the guy's antibodies hold some kind of hope.

Meanwhile, Cassandra and Travis have a chance to chat while dodging some Z's. He mentions Tobias, is that the other biker? Calls her sunshine and says he can't go back without her. In Z Nation Season 1 Episode 1 Roberta took notice of Cassandra's clothes. I live in Miami, so that outfit's a walk in the park here, but I'm assuming it's trashy in Z-Land. So is this guy Tobias her pimp? Or is that way too obvious?

Mack and Addy find the source of the noise and attempt to jam some gears with a stick. Now that it's relatively quiet the Z's get confused, then the music box kicks in. Only on Z Nation would a plan like this come together, for a minute anyway.

Let's not forget the bunch of Z's that fell into the oil containers. Yeah they'll be causing trouble soon enough.

Once the fuel truck is running, our heroes begin filling her up with gasoline.

During Doc and Murphy's bonding session, we're told the zombie bite survivor has developed zombiephobia (is that a term?). He's now terrified of the undead. He lies to Doc and tells him he volunteered for the program (flashback's remind us otherwise). Doc most unwisely exit's the car to fight off a few Z's (can't help thinking of sleep whenever I say that hehe). 10K saves Doc, but Murphy drives off in the car.

Cassandra and Travis' little conversation continues...

Why do you keep fighting this? You know he's never gonna let you go.


It was interesting to hear Travis threaten to tell her new friends "what" she is. Is she an ex-Rockette? A mermaid? The way he said this makes me believe whatever she is, it's more than just some pimp's property. She's used to being tased too, that can't be good.

The refinery eventually blows and those oil soaked zombies start pouring out. I mentioned last week, Z Nation was going to attempt things The Walking Dead never has. I give you oil soaked zombies on fire FTW!

Murphy freaks out, causes a spark that ignites the whole damn place and just like that our group's back to where they started. All for frackin' nothing should have been the name of the episode right?

Well unless you take into consideration Citizen Z killed the z-Husky and saved his new best friend.

As I mentioned at the top, the refinery explosion caught his eye and he manages to contact Garnett via payphone (convenient). He's assured the package is still alive and the mission to Cali continues.

Unfortunately for Garnett and his friends, Citizen Z withholds the minor detail that the lab's been overrun.

The final moments of the installment brings back that biker (who I'm assuming is Tobias) and he gives zombie-Travis "mercy." He then picks up the music box, a clear sign Cassandra is responsible. Boy is she in some deep doo-doo now.

What did you guys think of "Fracking Zombies"? Do you have a better feel for the show now? Still onboard or are the cheesy bits just too much for you? It's your turn zombie lovers, hit the comments and give me your feedback. See you back here next week for another review-cap!

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Fracking Zombies Review

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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

To us it's the apocalypse, to her it's the memories.


That's not a refinery, that's a zombie factory!