Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 6 Review: A Fractured House

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Well if you thought Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 6 might shed some light on Ward's brother... think again. All we know for sure is both brothers are master manipulators and now Grant appears to be free.

There were some fun moments between Hunter and Bobbi this week, but I'm afraid the ex-wife/she-devil shtick is a bit played out.

Fitz and Simmons finally had a proper reunion, but it was way chillier than I anticipated. At least we now know why she left his side.

S.H.I.E.L.D. (and HYDRA) have always been International organizations, it's about time the U.N. addressed the threat. Of course, who better to lead the witch-hunt than General Talbot himself. At least by the end of the hour it seems the General has a new appreciation of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm hoping that sticks.

Any mention of the Avengers and Chitauri are most welcome. I know many fans consider it "name dropping," but to me it's a reminder the Marvel Universe is connected. I love these little references to the films.

Simmons' time at HYDRA paid off because she recognized the weapon used and its designer. Bobbi knows Toshiro Mori personally, so Coulson includes her in May and Hunter's mission. Her face was priceless when she learned she'd be working with her ex in the field. Hunter complained as well, but Director Coulson shut him up fast. Those two crazy kids, there's obviously still a ton of love there.

Meanwhile, General Talbot meets with a Senator who turns out to be Christian Ward. Interesting that he's behind the push for funding Talbot's missions. Why exactly? Was he trying to keep his connection to Grant quiet? It doesn't matter now since he blasted S.H.I.E.L.D. on National television.

Guess being a douchebag runs in the family.


Coulson telling Skye to keep the focus on Ward's family not hers was a bit of a wake up call for her. If she seemed to be falling for Ward's charms, this week we realized Skye's learned to play the game well. Though apparently Ward's not going to hold that against her.

Ward informs us that his brother is not what he seems. He mentions the well and how Christian tortured him as a kid. I've got to say Ward seemed genuinely concerned that his brother knows his whereabouts. Is there any truth to the stories he's told Skye? He's kept his promise not to lie to her. He also mentioned in the past that a good cover sticks closely to the truth. Christian denied everything of course. Who do you believe?

Fitz continues to deliver the most emotional moments of the season. Who could have predicted that Iain De Caestecker would be one of the standouts on this show? I mean, as a fan of the short-lived BBC series The Fades, I knew he was good. However, his work on this series is on a whole other level. Of course, Elizabeth Henstridge isn't too shabby either. Their chemistry is off the charts.

In Okinawa, Bobbi meets with Toshiro regarding the HYDRA weapons. I kept wondering how long before she was identified as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Adrianne Palicki is rockin' this role. I'm really hoping she hangs around for a while.

She can handle it. Deception's her forte. I mean that sincerely, not passive-aggressively. As in it's a good attribute for a spy.


During the mission when May told Hunter "you know I don't like you right" that took me by surprise. Not that May isn't straight forward, it just came across rather harsh no? Is Agent May seeing something in Hunter we're missing? Is she still holding a grudge for him shooting her in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 1?

Silly of Toshiro to mention the Obelisk. Especially when he's not sure if Bobbi is S.H.I.E.L.D. or not. Is he that easily distracted by a pretty face? Either way, May and Hunter are now clued into the fact HYDRA plans to weaponize the thing.

Okay I'll admit the bickering between Hunter and Bobbi in Japan was amusing. There's was a kind of Mr. & Mrs. Smith vibe to it. I'm just hoping the writers ease up on it a bit, they're pushing it. Don't you think?

By the way, is the globetrotting on this show totally unrealistic or what? I mean, 6,000 something miles from Okinawa to Belgium take place in a heartbeat. Reminder: Suspension of disbelief, it's only a TV show. Got it Ha!

Coulson's meeting with Senator Ward was impressive. Phil's definitely learned to play the game.

Senator Ward: The American people are looking for a simple enemy Mr. Coulson. It's what makes them feel safe.
Coulson: And how do you think they'd feel if they knew your brother was HYDRA? That's an awfully complicated idea to grasp. Especially in an election year.
Senator Ward: Are you threatening me Mr. Coulson?
Coulson: No, I'm telling you I have your brother in my basement.

Skye's final meeting with Ward was excellent. She sure knows how to push his buttons. Do you think Christian Ward is truly worse than Grant? He is a politician after all. I'm certainly curious to learn more.

I know it's strange, but I actually felt bad for Ward when Skye told him they were turning him over to his brother. Still, he's got some nerve telling Coulson he's still part of the team. What?!? The guy is totally delusional but he got a rise out of Coulson.

The safehouse in Bruges was compromised, giving us the most kick ass action sequence of the episode. I'll never believe Ming-Na Wen is 50. She's got to have some Kree DNA in her. Was that knife on a chain stuff cool or what? Bobbi and Hunter worked well together too. Plus, he saved her life once again. Trust me, at some point she's going to save her ex and rekindle their love.

The chat between Simmons and Mack was touching. Mack calls her out for bailing on Fitz.

Mack: Look I know you two have a past but from what I've seen the only thing that makes him worse is you.
Simmons: I know, why do you think I left?

Wasn't Ward being walked out of his cell a powerful moment? Man, if looks could kill Ward would have been struck dead by Fitz's stare. Not to mention Simmons threatening to kill him if she ever sees him again. It's rough being ex-HYDRA. I'm not sure the team will ever forgive him.

Senator Ward comes clean about his brother and clarifies the difference between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYRDA. Perhaps Coulson and his people will get a break now. Hell even General Talbot seems to be coming around.

Ward slips out of his handcuffs and I'm assuming he escapes. Will he be coming after Skye? What's his endgame?

What did you think of this week's installment? Is Ward telling the truth about his brother? Will he be coming for Skye? Who's the guy with the alien writing tattoo? Your turn guys, hit the comments below and let's discuss "A Fractured House." Keep an eye out for our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. round table later this week!

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A Fractured House Review

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