Allison Tolman to Voice Pam’s "Awful' Sister on Archer Season 6

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We may need to wait awhile until we next see Allison Tolman on television.

But we'll be hearing from the beloved Fargo Season 1 star in early 2015.

According to Zap2It, Tolman has been cast on Archer Season 6 as Edie, Pam’s sister who viewers will meet when this sibling gets married back home on Poovey farms.

Allison Tolman on Archer

"As terrible as Pam is, Edie is far, far worse," Tolman says of the role. "She's a terrible, terrible person. Which we could have guessed because Pam talks about her sister like she's awful... she's awful. She is really, really awful."

Archer Season 6 kicks off in January 2015 on FX. 

In the meantime, we've made it very easy to watch Archer online and catch up on all the happenings in this crazy awesome universe.

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