Arrow Season 3 Episode 5 Promo: Smoak Signals

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Felicity's past is coming back to haunt her.

Not only will her mother, Donna, be visiting Ms. Smoak in Arrow Season 3 Episode 5, but a cyber hacker uses one of her old programs to wreak havoc on Starling City -- one she doesn't think she can infiltrate!

We've always wondered about the girl who brightens up the room when she walks in, and it appears in the aptly titled "The Secret Origins of Felcity Smoak" we might get our first clues to her past.

Charlotte Ross has been cast in the role of Felicity's mom, Donna, and the mere thought of both of them sharing screen time sends shivers down my spine. What secrets is she harboring about our gal Felicity, and why is the masked man targeting Felicity with her own cyber signals?

In the clip, there is a woman being tossed to the ground. I'm placing bets that's Donna. Who is with me?! 

Are you excited to find out some more about the mysterious, geeky and slowly blossoming beauty Felicity Smoak?

Checkout the clip and be back here soon after the installment airs for a full review. 

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