Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Teaser: Getting Schooled

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We've seen Rick Castle handle a number of enemies and adversaries over the years.

Heck, he (sort of) dealt with an invisible man on Castle Season 7 Episode 3.

But this author will take on his toughest task to date on Castle Season 7 Episode 4, an installment aptly titled "Child's Play."

When an ice cream vendor gets gunned down, evidence will point Rick and Kate to believe that an unknowing second-grader may actually possess information about the case.

This leads to Castle going undercover at school and, yup, dealing with kids. Take a look here to get an idea of how that will go down:

HA! We love it!

Will viewers learn more about Castle's disappearance during this hour? Or will it focus entirely on the investigation of the week? 

We'll need to wait a few days to find out, but fans can watch Castle online in the meantime and then rank Rick Castle among TV dad's that we love. Gotta be number-one, doesn't he?

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Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Castle: Being 90% kid myself, I have an ability to get into the minds of children and I have the perfect plan.
Mr. Ruiz: Trust me, there is no such thing.

You are seriously milking this whole I've been missing for two months thing aren't you?