Chicago Fire Picture Preview: Herrmann's Vow

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On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 6, Dawson begins her training with Herrmann now that he has vowed to make her a great firefighter.

As the photo gallery featured here teases, it certainly looks as though Herrmann will put Dawson to the test. You don't get to be the best by sitting around doing nothing right?

However, their training sessions may be interrupted by the real-life rescue of a boy trapped on a balcony. The rescue will involve all members of Station 51, as Severide, Cruz and Newhouse all seem to get in on the action.

Meanwhile, Casey will have his hands full trying to protect his sister and niece from his corrupt brother-in-law. He has vowed to protect them and things look to get intense. We're left to wonder how far he will go to protect his family?

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

On his hip means on his hip Dawson.


Herrmann: You a baseball fan Dawson?
Dawson: Kind of.
Herrmann: The academy, that's like tball. This, this is the "bigs." Stick with me, I'll school ya.