Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Just Drive the Truck

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Firehouse feuds, reunited families, postponed weddings and changing of the guard -- there was a little bit of everything this week.

The intensity of Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3 matched that of every other episode and promised to switch things up going forward enough to keep stories alive.

There isn't a chance that the storytelling will go stale, and that's not an easy thing to do with a procedural.

The prevailing story of the hour included Firehouses 51 and 105 racing toward a fire. While Casey didn't think it was worth winning a race to get to a fire if Welch wanted it so badly, unfortunately his counterpart didn't feel the same.

The entire hour was filled with the apprehension of a who dunnit, but we knew our guys were in the clear because Casey is a good guy. Despite everything that Welch put Dawson through, he didn't feel the need to prove to him that he's a better man, because he got the girl. Welch didn't want the girl, but Casey? He'll take Dawson any way he can get her.

When Boden told Casey he could get Dawson on a truck as long as Casey and Dawson didn't get married, my heart sank. We want them to get married, but we also want Dawson to get her chance to shine as a firefighter. I have my doubts that it will work out as swimmingly as they think it will (especially because Dawson told the boys she and Casey broke up), but if anyone can give it a go, it's Dawson and Casey.

I do wonder if putting the wedding on hold and working so closely together will alter their relationship. Dawson thought she was the only one who would get something out of it, but Casey assured her that wasn't true. Does Casey love her enough to let her go a little?

Dawson: You'd be willing to put me in harm's way?
Casey: I'd assign you any task I think you're capable of.
Dawson: And if I stepped out of line -- you'd discipline me?
Casey: With great enthusiasm.

As the two houses suffered through the critical injury of Molina from 105, the accusations didn't stop Hermann from inquiring if their house knew how to do "a thing" for his family. One thing our guys know is how to care for one another. It's not surprising the other house doesn't have the same camaraderie given the man Welch is, and it was really big of Hermann to offer up Molly's so both houses could come together, face their adversity and make money for Molina's family.

Ahhh. The feels!

When Mills passed out on the job (earlier and after the truck accident), it was due to a moderate injury that affects his equilibrium. He didn't want to go to the doctor, but Severide pushed it. Severide's fears were that Mills would get hooked on pain killers like he did, but it turned out to be far worse for Mills.

Things came together really well, though. Mills took Boden's advice to go meet his grandfather. Apparently it was something his father wanted to do, but never got the time. If anything was going to push Mills, it was the knowledge that his father died not making peace with his own father.

Leonard: You look just like your mother.
Mills: Yeah, you're damn right I do.
Leonard: So I guess I'm your grandfather.
Mills: I guess so.
Leonard: Peter. Peter. I sure am glad to know you.

Come on! Really?!? On a scale of 1-10, Chicago Fire has dialed up the feels to about an 11 during Chicago Fire Season 3. Every one of the characters has something going on and it's always so well written. 

Mills was ready to give up. Firefighting was in his blood and he was lost even imagining not being one. New (and well fleshed out) character Newhouse thought that was crazy, to give up so soon. When Mills learned Dawson was moving to truck and a paramedic job opened up, he jumped.

That's the perfect solution to our Shay problem. It's still too raw for us to spend time with Dawson and Brett. By Mills moving into Dawson's position, we can bring Brett into the family without the pain involved trying to forget Shay. That doesn't mean her loss won't be noticed, but it will be tempered. That's absolutely brilliant.

Another note on Newhouse -- he found a food truck and offered it up to the injured Mouch and Cruz for a 20% cut of the business. That's another way this show perseveres and continues to integrate new blood in ways that feel organic. They struggled a bit with that in Chicago Fire Season 2, so it's good to know they learned from their mistakes.

This was another strong outing and the previews for next week make it look like Severide will be playing some version of Bruce Willis in Die Hard when he's trapped on a subway with a shooter. I guess it can get better from here! Don't miss out on any of this -- you can watch Chicago Fire online if you're late to the party.

Meanwhile, hit the comments. Is there anyone in 51 you aren't in love with right now? Even Cruz has become endearing. How do they do it? Share your thoughts with me!

Just Drive the Truck Review

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Dawson: Do I have clearance to hug you now?
Casey: You do.

Hermann: I guess they were tryin' to cut across from Michigan, but they had to know we were on Wabash, right?
Severide: Either way, they gotta slow down and have a look. Everyone knows that.
Newhouse: Unless they had the green.