Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Madmen and Fools

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There was nothing about Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 6 that was strictly business. It was all personal.

Dawson began her training with Herrmann, and quickly objected to his parental teaching style. She hated him treating her like a baby, and felt she was left on the outside looking in. That may be true, but the thing is, Herrmann cares very deeply for Dawson, and he takes this role seriously.

He wants what's best for her, and that means being fully prepared. While she may think she already knows skills from the academy, Herrmann believes a bit differently.

Herrmann: You a baseball fan Dawson?
Dawson: Kind of.
Herrmann: The academy, that's like tball. This, this is the "bigs." Stick with me, I'll school ya.

Dawson and Herrmann definitely had the father/daughter vibe going on, and while Herrmann may have been a tad overbearing at times, he did it all out of love and because he wanted what was best for her. Dawson meanwhile acted the child part to a tee, as she complained to Casey behind Herrmann's back.

Thankfully in the end, Herrmann's tough love approach won out, and Dawson is on her way to becoming one heck of a firefighter.

Casey couldn't help but take things personally as he felt that his sister and niece were being slighted by his brother-in-law Jim. I was afraid that he'd do something that he'd end up regretting, and that may still happen, but for now, investigating Jim's mistress didn't fall into the regret pile for me. It turned out she wasn't the best person, so I was alright with Casey using her to blackmail Jim into a better settlement agreement for Christie.

In the end, he didn't tell Christie about any of it, and he only delighted in the fact that she had a better settlement, but it seemed that Violet knew her uncle had something to do with their change in fortune. While what Casey did certainly wasn't the worst thing in the world, he did save his sister from either a costly legal battle or a small settlement amount. So I tend to think he made the correct call here having Newhouse dig up the dirt on the mistress.

Meanwhile, Severide and Brett's friendship continued to get stronger as they worked to assist a mother regain custody of her child. Severide, although initially reluctant to help out, continued to look after Brett.

It was a bit heartbreaking to hear him talk about Shay, and that she was the reason behind his warnings, but I tend to agree with him, you never know what's really going on in someone's life. It was good for them to initially remain cautious.

For her part, Brett quickly proved why she's fast becoming worthy of his friendship, and why she's more than just a cheap Shay replacement. I really enjoyed her gentle reminder that some times people deserve a second chance.

You quit giving somebody a second chance they stop having one. I need your help on this.


As Severide continues to shut people like Casey out, it is good to see this budding friendship with Brett. I do have to wonder if there's not more to her story though after seeing her stand up against the case worker. Only time will tell if my gut is right about that though.

So although Severide continues to excel at his job, being calm and collected on the ladder during the rescue, he still has his share of turmoil going on in his personal life. It was a bit sad to watch him try to coax everyone into going to Vegas with him. When they all told him no I was hoping that he would stay home and out of trouble.

But the trip continued, and by the end of the episode we saw him locking lips with a beautiful stranger. At least that will temporarily put to bed any fears I had over a Severide/Brett hookup.

Just who is this mystery woman? Are you afraid Casey’s actions will come back to haunt him? Are you a fan of the Brett and Severide friendship? Sound off in the comments section below, and if you wish to relive any of the exciting moments from Chicago Fire Season 3 you can watch Chicago Fire online any time via TV Fanatic.

Madmen and Fools Review

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

On his hip means on his hip Dawson.


Herrmann: You a baseball fan Dawson?
Dawson: Kind of.
Herrmann: The academy, that's like tball. This, this is the "bigs." Stick with me, I'll school ya.