Days of Our Lives Q&A: Will Patsy Pease Return to Salem?

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The Donovan daughters have been causing nothing but trouble in Salem since they arrived, which makes us wonder if fan favorite Kimberly Donovan (mother to Theresa and step-mom to Eve) could be far behind. 

Actress Patsy Pease - who began playing Kim back in 1984 and returned for a brief visit last year - answered some of our questions about her early years on Days of Our Lives, the real life issues that made her choose to leave and whether or not she'd consider heading back to Salem.

Do you have a favorite moment from your early years on Days of Our Lives?

I guess the moment Shane saw Andrew for the first time. The tears in Charlie's (Charles Shaughnessy who plays Shane Donovan) eyes still give me goose-bumps.

What was your favorite storyline that you played on the show?

The Multiple Personality of course!! I was having so much fun playing all those personalities, but my baby was severely ill (at that time) and of course I left to take care of my child.

Shane and Kim shared a unique chemistry, different from today's couples. What do you think made theirs so different?

I suspect the respect and dignity they brought out of each other. Their desire for each other was much deeper than just sexual.

Patsy Pease - Days of Our Lives

Other than Charles Shaughnessy, was there a co-star you enjoyed working with the most?

Off the top of my head I'd say Peggy McCay! (Caroline Brady) I learned more about acting working with Peggy than all the years in theatrical arts university.

I believe that you left (i.e.was let go) from the show for refusing to play a story where Kimberly was going to have a still-born baby while you yourself were actually pregnant. Have you ever walking away from the show?

I would have to be malignantly shallow and narcissistically superficial to choose a "Soap Opera" over the health of my child. I choose what my soul loves baby.

When you came back to the show in the early 1990s, the show began a story arc concerning Kimberly's abuse as a child and the consequences on her mental health. You later revealed in interviews that you had suffered child abuse in your own life. Was that something the writers knew going into that storyline? Was it something they discussed with you beforehand? 

We never discussed my personal life. That would have been inappropriate. My work life and real life are professionally separated,as they should be. Actors with pulmonary problems can still play a character with asthma, an actor with heart problems can still play a character having a heart attack. The brain is just another organ that, if sick can be treated and work goes on. i.e. an actor with abusive childhood can still play a character whose been abused as a child. I am a professional actor. That's what I do.

Mental illness is coming out of the shadows and people are starting to realize the seriousness of it. If you had unlimited resources what would you focus on to help others who are suffering and those who have friends/family members who are suffering?

First, educate the people around them, because if they don't know what to look for (signs and signals)they can't help. Prepare schools/teachers also. Teen suicides have been on the rise. We need to be accountable for all those men and women who risked their lives for this country. I hate and object to war, however, I can't ignore the sincere desire of another human who fought to protect me. They came back with the "invisible wounds "Their agony and torture is relived over and over,day after day. They suffer endless unspeakable flashbacks. They live a nightmare that (without help) won't go away. Suicide can seem the only option to silence their demons. If I can do something to ease the suffering of another human being..yes, I am responsible. To the extent I help other people is directly proportionate to the extinct I am happy. No award , T.V. show accomplishment, or amount of money will ever fulfill my life. I am not here on this earth to be famous. I am here to connect and expand with other human beings.

Several months ago, Kim and Shane made an appearance on Days when their daughter Theresa got into trouble. What was it like to come back?

It happened so fast I barely had time to digest it all. Lol Of course it was fun. I love working with Charlie! And now I am "in love" with that darling Jen Lilley!! She is a force of nature that brings light into every room she enters! How did I ever get so lucky to have Jen and Charlie and Peggy in my life? I will never know! Lol I am so blessed with all these magnificent actors. Jen is unbelievably talented! I feel the best for my girl is yet to come! She is going places!

Any ideas why Kim and Shane's daughter Theresa turned out to be such a bad girl?

She is the product of a broken home. Of course "broken homes" don't justify bad behavior. But kids reach out for help the only way they can sometimes. I feel she is screaming for help, love, acceptance. When other people judge and criticize her, it only makes it worse. One thing I know for sure (especially with the rampant overcrowding of prisons in this country).....punishment does not reform people! Maybe Kim was too strict with her. (compensating for the absentee father) I am sure the writers have figured out something wonderful to be revealed later.. I will just have to stay tuned! :)

We've got Eve and Theresa Donovan back in Salem. Would you ever be interested in returning to Days of Our Lives on a regular or even part-time basis?

Oh, I have always been available for the workplace I love best! Oh, to work with Kassie DePaiva and Jen Lilly. How exciting would that be!! That would lure anyone back to Salem!!!

Have you missed anything or anyone from the show?

I miss everyone (sigh) the people in the make-up dept., wardrobe, actors, production, camera crew, sound, editors...etc. They are phenomenal people! 

Many soaps that were once daytime TV staples are now gone. Days of Our Lives still remains. Any idea what makes Days different than all of those that have gotten the ax?

I wouldn't have a clue to how a production is run. I wish I knew what makes a show or breaks it but, really I am just the "hired help" Lol.

Are you working on any new projects?

I am focusing on my "Inspirational Speaking" right now. Charities and Recovery Groups etc. Since I qualify for almost every "Recovery Group" I figure might as well put my experience, strength and hope to good use.

Is there anything you'd like to share with your fans who will be reading this?

It never ceases to amaze me that folks still remember my work. I left "full time" show biz to tend to a critical situation with my son over 20 years. I hope folks realize the gift they gave me in support of that choice. Folks have gone out of their way to let me know they cared about the well being of my children. Maybe that is why my relationship with my fans is so special. We were brought together by the show, but we didn't just talk about "Days Of Our Lives" We talked about days of our "real lives". To touch people by doing what I love to's not really work.. To stay in the hearts and minds of others is success to me.

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