Days of Our Lives Round Table: Sami's Silly Future

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Is Sami off to Hollywood? Is Abigail jealous of Chad and Jordan and is Sonny and Will's marriage in trouble?

Our TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Leila and UnaVitaSegreta from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss Sami's future, who is better for Brady and what was their favorite scene of the week. 

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Is Abigail jealous of Chad and Jordan?

Leila:  I am pretty sure she is. I don't know why, but Abigail strikes me as the type that wants all men to want her. For example her reaction to learning that E.J. had reconciled with Sami. E.J. I think always made it abundantly clear that Sami was the one he loved and wanted. Abigail is just so self-righteous just like her mother.

UnaVitaSegreta:  Yes, I think she's jealous. She had that little smile when she first saw Chad after he came back to town. Abigail seems to thrive off of the drama and having men chasing after her.

Christine:  Yes, Abigail is a bit twisted. She says horrible things about the DiMeras yet she's slept with two of them. She broke up with Chad yet she seemed very jealous that he was moving on with Jordan. In my opinion, the girl could use some therapy to figure out her issues.

Sami's considering moving to Hollywood. Should she do it?

Leila:  If I am being completely honest I find this whole twist to the story pretty silly, I am not a fan of it. Anyways, back to your question I guess she should with everything that has recently happened her and the children could benefit from a change of scenery.

UnaVitaSegreta:  Yes! I like Ali Sweeney and Sami, but the character has been on so much for so many years that I'd love to have even a few months without her on screen. 

Christine:  I agree Leila, it does seem like a silly way to send Sami out of Salem but if she wants to move on with her life and get away from all things DiMera, it's probably a good a plan as any. 

Do you think Paige can get Jill to confess to drugging JJ?

Leila:  I don't know, probably not on her own. I would imagine the only way Jill would confess would be if there was something in it for her. Technically what she did was a crime so I don't see her just voluntarily giving out that information.

UnaVitaSegreta:  I don't know. If Jill confesses to Paige, then she has no way to get money out of Eve. 

Christine:  i don't think Paige could intimidate a puppy so I don't see her getting any information out of Jill unless she's handing over cold, hard cash for it. 

Who is worse for Brady: Kristen or Theresa?

Leila:  Without question Kristin. It has always bothered me how practically everyone on the show with the exception of Caroline and Eric has made Theresa out to be this devil. With the exception of hitting John over the head with that poker stick all her crimes have been pretty juvenile if you ask me. Comparing her to Kristin is pretty laughable to me. 

UnaVitaSegreta:   I think Theresa is worse because she enables Brady's substance abuse problems and uses them to keep him tied to her. Kristen is no saint, but I do believe that she loves Brady in her own twisted way.

Christine:  As evil as Kristen is, I do believe she's better for Brady. She's nuts but she wants Brady clean and sober and I believe she actually loves him in her own warped way. And although I agree with Leila that most of Theresa's crimes haven't been that serious, she's more than fine with Brady indulging in his addictions and eventually that will get him killed. 

Does Sonny respect Will? Is there marriage in trouble?

Leila:  The problem with Sonny and Will in my opinion is not so much about respect, but more about maturity. I believe they honestly love each other, I just don't think they were ready for this big step they took. They lack communication and trust in each other, two of the most important components of a successful marriage.

UnaVitaSegreta:  Sonny has no reason to respect Will. He's immature and whiny. If Will wants Sonny's respect, then he needs to earn it.

Christine:  They love one another but they are in two different places, especially when it comes to maturity. Will seems to blame Ari or Sonny for the fact that he doesn't feel confident in his abilities or that he hasn't had the chance to experience life the way Sonny has. Will always blames someone else instead of taking responsibility for changing his own life. If that doesn't change, it will have consequences for his marriage. 

Which character disappointed you the most?

Leila:  I would have to give that Eric. I am really over his treatment of Nicole, yes he has a right to be angry with her but he has already verbalized that to her countless of times. Do we really need to hear it repeated over and over again. Nicole did not persecute him this harshly when he falsely accused her of rape. Personally I think Nicole did him a favor, the priesthood was not the vocation for Eric. 

UnaVitaSegreta:  This week Ben disappointed me. He's giving in to Clyde too easily and then he was the instigator with Chad in the park.

Christine:  Jordan. I'm so tired of watching her cry and cower. This new secret is just another reason to show Jordan scared and hiding again and I'm over it. 

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Leila:  My favorite scene this week was Rafe and Nicole. I love these two, and I am so ready for the show to just go there. I really need Nicole to be out of both Eric and Daniel's orbit at least for now. I have been a huge Eric and Nicole fan since Jensen Ackles was in the role, but the writers have not done them justice and the only way in my opinion to redeem them is for a long break. Eric and Nicole will always be my end game, but right now I think I would really enjoy Rafe and Nicole. - Honorable mention to the Nicole and Sami scenes, they were definitely the most entertaining. 

UnaVitaSegreta:  Sami and Nicole were my favorite scenes of the week. The flashbacks were perfectly chosen. I adored seeing Nicole say good-bye to Sydney. It was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Christine:  Watching Nicole and Sami bond over their past was a treat and hearing Sydney call Nicole "Momma Nicole" was very sweet. 

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