Family Guy Season 13 Episode 2 Review: The Book of Joe

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On Family Guy Season 13 Episode 2, Peter tries to help Joe realize his dream of becoming a published author, and Brian comes in contact with the "runner's high." 

As Cleveland Brown put it,

"That's cray cray in a good way, right there."

Cleveland Brown

The best parts of tonight's episode come from the moments where the characters are allowed to be themselves - not the overlong sketches on the side. The skit (seems like an appropriate way to refer to the tangential jokes), with the late critic of great repute, Roger Ebert, started out humorous but lingered around for way too long. The Star Trek segment was equally entertaining - to an extent. 

Those sideline scenes had potential, but the most rewarding scenarios were surprisingly from the premise itself. Peter's insensitivity towards Joe's true reasons for writing the storybook, mixed with his high-pitched childlike embodiment of David Chicago, the hopeful squirrel, forced their relationship to dissolve shortly after it had started. And, of course, Peter's attempt to go ahead anyway by replacing Joe's expertise with Quagmire and Cleveland fell flat on its face. 

In this, there were countless jokes to be found. Including Peter's amazement at the "words of God" spoken by his genius friends:

"What if the squirrel has lasers he shoots out of his eyes!"


Brian also learns his lesson this week when he falls head over paws for an athletic girl clearly out of his league. However, he pushes himself to the limit until he bursts through to the other side of the phenomena known as the "runner's high" and enters into a world of trippy rainbow running, a talking sun (who's actually Back), and a talking moon (who's actually Korean). 

Despite Stewie's warnings, and mockery, he pushes himself until his brand new addiction meets a violent (and hilarious) end. In fact, a majority of tonight's funniest moments involved Brian. 

"Brain, why does everything you touch turn to garbage?"


From this comment after finally introducing himself to his crush, the runner:

"I tried the online dating thing but there's too much competition out there."


To this gem, when he think he's at his peak physical condition:

"My heartbeat's down to four beats per minute."


Brian racked up a majority of this week's best moments.

 "The Book of Joe" has a handful of hilarious moments, despite being straightforward in nature. And at least it ends with this sound realization that Peter and Joe both embrace from Mr. Chicago (even though Peter already doesn't remember reading it): 

"For if I could not forgive, then I would be truly handicapped."

David Chicago

Watch Family Guy Online to experience this typical, yet enjoyable episode, and leave any thoughts in the comments section! Were you offended by the lack of "f*ck you's" to Meg this week? Did you also enjoy the scenes with Brian as much as I did (especially the one where his heart, penis, and Peter were talking to him)? Let us know below!

And check out the Family Guy quotes page for more amusing one-liners from tonight's episode! 

The Book of Joe Review

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